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SICILIAN folk group I Nebrodi has been dancing its way around the world for more than 40 years.

It’s been touring Perth as part of a national tour this week and will wrap up in Fremantle this weekend.

The group, named after a mountain range in north-east Sicily, formed in 1968 and still includes nearly half its original members.

But there’s also fresh blood with teenage sons and daughters joining the group to keep tradition alive.

Performances last about an hour with members dancing to musicians playing traditional peasant songs.

Event Co-ordinator Sam Fazio says the atmosphere at performances is incredible.

“This is music that has been performed for generations, all the songs tell a story,” he says.

“Seeing a performance with the group in traditional costumes is just amazing.”

The 20 performers aren’t paid but fundraise to tour the world.

They’ll perform in Kings Square at 11am and Cicerello’s on the harbour at 1pm, Saturday 12, 2013.

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