Living for love and democracy

• Christian Rosca—citizento-be. Photo by Carmelo Amalfi

• Christian Rosca—citizento-be. Photo by Carmelo Amalfi

BUS driver Christian Rosca, 45, is on a roller coaster ride of love and loyalty.

The Russian and French-speaking engineer is one of 56 people in Fremantle who plan to become citizens on Australia Day.

Mr Rosca is the only Romanian, taking up classes and driving buses to better understand the local culture and lingo since arriving in WA in 2008.

He plans to marry his sweetheart, who still works in Romania as an accountant in an aged care home, as soon as he gets his Australian passport.

“I feel different here than in Romania,” the maths whiz told the Herald. “Australian people live for democracy. Everyone has his own chance. It doesn’t matter where you come from.

“The doors are open to all of us.”

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