CBC listed

Principal Shaun Kenny and student Alex Skinner.

Principal Shaun Kenny and student Alex Skinner.

CHRISTIAN Brothers College in Fremantle has been interim-listed on WA’s register of significant places.

Steeped in history and late 19th century architecture, the site consists of Edmund Hall (named after Irish-born missionary and teacher Edmund Ignatius Rice), administration building and classroom block.

Principal Shaun Kenny says the school is chuffed at the listing.

“That building is one of the first 20 buildings in Fremantle,” he says, pointing to Edmund Hall built in 1883 off High Street and now the chapel museum.

“The stone came from the same quarry used to build Fremantle gaol. Pictures of it from the 1890s show High Street as a dirt road.”

Heritage council documentation for the site describes it as, “an illustration of the development of educational institutions in WA throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st century”.

Since 1901, the site has been associated with the Christian brothers and its name continues to recognise their association even though teachers are no longer from the order.

“The place is valued by the Catholic community and wider community of Fremantle because it was one of the first schools in the town which provided schooling to all boys, and which has continued that function since 1882,” the council states.

The former quarry site was granted to the Bishop of Perth in 1878.


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