Accidental attraction

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NICE area, this. I’d either accidentally filled the scooter with nitro or misread the clock, but somehow I ended up early to review this four-bedroom home in Bicton.

It’s a rear strata and I’m a bit rough round the edges, so I thought I’d ease the neighbours’ minds and not loiter in the driveway, filling the time instead with a cruise around the neighbourhood.

The first thing I noticed was all the parks. And all the trees in the parks. I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about weak-kneed councils chopping tall trees down just in case someone gets clonked by a falling branch, so it was good to see some decent canopies.

In fact, Melville council’s so laissez-faire down this way that a huge fallen branch from a dead tree was just sitting in the middle of a park with not even a shred of bunting or signs screaming at people telling them to keep away. And miraculously NO ONE WAS KILLED.

A little bit further on you find yourself at the river, by the famous and fabulous Bicton Baths.

Head the other direction and there’s a child health centre and pharmacist, and a swag of medical clinics for anything else. There’s a supermarket and funky cafes at the end of the road where it meets Canning Highway, which of course has buses zooming along day and night.

Back at the house, I found that although it’s only 10 years old, it’s got a hint of the old-fashioned about it.

Most of the rooms are separate entities, with the only nod to open-plan being a breakfast bar window between the kitchen and the family/games room.

I know it’s important to keep the kids in view while you’re being domestic, but I do really love cooking with only a glass of wine for distraction, so I kinda liked a set-up where there’s a tiny bit of separation.

I also really dug the honey-coloured timber cupboards and good design that minimises unusable bench space, something that blights my own kitchen ever so slightly. The lighting was simply brilliant, making sure that wherever you’re cutting or cooking, you won’t be doing it in gloom.

Another aspect that hinted of more gentile times was a sewing room tucked away under the stairs that go to the bedrooms on the second storey. Of course with needlecraft one of our disappearing crafts, you could turn the nook into a storage area for whatever you want, but it looks so perfect as is.

Having said there’s an old-fashioned feel to the place, the lounge is quite modern-feeling, with a striking blue feature wall and tall ceilings.

Around the corner is the formal dining room, and off that a guest’s bedroom.

At first it seemed an odd place to put guests, but afterwards I realised it would give them some peace and quiet, and they’d have an extra room to go through before joining the household, rather than feeling they were tumbling out of bed into the middle of everything.

Upstairs there’s three bedrooms, although one’s been snaffled for an office. It was a deft move, as it overlooks a gorgeous flowering redgum, which will have a calming effect as you deal with the latest utility bill.

They’re all a good size, with the main bedroom’s en suite also featuring a gloriously deep bath.


27a Westbury Cres, Bicton
Vasco Horta
0417 947 324
AMG Real Estate
9319 1255


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