Teen bashed in Boo Park

A PACK of youths threw a limestone block at the head of a teenager, knocking him unconscious, and then proceeded to kick and bash him while he lay on the ground.

The attack occurred last Saturday evening at Booyeembara Park in White Gum Valley.

The 19-year-old victim, an electrical apprentice, had been walking with four friends near the skateboard park on Montreal Street when the pack of 15 Aboriginal youths launched the reportedly unprovoked attack.

The friends fled through the park but were separated.

The victim’s furious and distraught mother told the Herald her son was surrounded and the block thrown at his face, knocking him senseless. After he’d been kicked and bashed while down, he was dragged 100 metres and thrown into bushes.

His bag, phone, wallet and TAFE notes were stolen.

“I find the whole story is horrible,” his mother said, “but for me to sit there and hear that they kept hitting him after he was knocked out, then threw him into the bush—perhaps to hide him from his friends—that was the worst thing imaginable.”

She said when her son regained consciousness he’d walked to High Street to seek help and had unsuccessfully tried to flag down a police car.

“He said ‘mum, the lights were shining on me, I was waving my arms, they should have seen what condition I was in’,” she told the Herald.

The young man lost a front tooth in the attack, he suffered a severe black eye that has swollen his entire face, and his body is covered in bruises and cuts.

Eventually he was picked up by a good samaritan who reunited him with his tearful and traumatised friends, before he was taken to hospital.

His aunt also contacted the Herald to give the council a spray over the state of Booyeembara Park, describing it as, “an abandoned park—a dangerous and ugly place”. Even before this incident she’d stopped taking her young children there because it felt too scary.

She had ridden past the park on her way home from the blues and roots festival Saturday night and is haunted by the thought her nephew may have been lying in the bushes.

“I [had been] pleasantly surprised by the number of people also walking through the area, obviously doing the same thing—I thought maybe things were changing,” she said.

After hearing her nephew’s story, she wants neighbours to know the park is no longer safe.

“The skate park is graffiti-ridden and broken glass is frequently around. It is creepy and ugly.

“The park along with the golf course provide a safe haven for criminals to walk between Carrington Street and Montreal Street.

“What are the police and the council doing about this very ugly part of Fremantle?”

None of the family wanted to be identified for fear of retaliation.



One response to “Teen bashed in Boo Park

  1. I have just read your article and hope the young boy who was attacked makes a full recovery. My parents babysat for us on Stevens street the other week while we attended a party at the Norfolk, as they drove home past Boo Park some youths threw limestone rocks at their car causing severe damage, fortunately they have a four wheel drive as one of the rocks hit just under their window, if they had a sedan the window would have been broken. It saddens me to hear about such stories in our beautiful city.

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