MP takes stocks

07. 14NEWS

• Peter Tinley in the stocks—anyone got a cabbage? Photo by Brendan Foster

PETER TINLEY is chasing bail to get out of the slammer.

The Willagee Labor MP plans to be locked up in a portable gaol outside Fremantle Markets on April 12 to raise money for the Hilton PCYC.

The PCYC’S Time 4 Kids is chasing donations to run programs for youth at risk.

Mr Tinley must raise $500 to get out of the pokey. Given the former SAS commander has only raised $50 so far, he could be in the clink all day. He says it’s a no brainer to jump on board the program, given the valuable work the local PCYC does.

“Bob Meredith (Hilton PCYC president) didn’t have to finish the sentence before I said ‘yes’,” Mr Tinley says.

Those wanting to donate can click onto


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