Coffee addiction

Mug ShotsMUGSHOTS, Fremantle:

Cappuccino, latte or espresso. No matter how you like your coffee, Angelo, owner-operator of Mugshots Espresso Bar on Collie Street, gives you his best shot every time – or it’s free!

Like you, Angelo is addicted to coffee, an affliction he calls “an amiable form of addiction”.

You know you got this amiable form of addiction if:

“The hairs on your neck tingle as the rich, warm aroma of freshly ground coffee stirs the senses and sparks a gentle but potent dizzy spell…”

And for Angelo, and the great coffee lovers before him, coffee is not for weaning. Quite the contrary. It’s an addiction that should be nurtured with utmost care. And caring for it he does.

Using only freshly roasted premium beans; five origins expertly blended to produce a full-bodied and aromatic cup of coffee with a smooth flavour, Angelo strives towards perfection with every cup. “I’m a bit fanatical” he says with a warm smile. “But it’s all good – with so much competition you need to be on top of your game” he continues. And it’s no easy game; requiring an understanding of coffee from the bean and how the various elements of the environment influence the grind on an hourly basis.

And while creating the perfect cup of coffee is the name of the game in at Mugshots, breakfast also hit the right spot with a full breakfast menu to delight including a wide selection of rolls, croissants and sweet breakfast items. The Eggs Casablanca stands out, with its rich tomato sauce, mushrooms, meatballs topped off with a cracked egg and served in a tagine, Moroccan style.

On the lunch menu there’s pasta, scotch fillet or the option of designing your own salad. All while you relax, enjoy full table service, take in the cool cafe setting and peruse and maybe wonder over the 1920’s mugshots decorating the walls.

If you believe what the great say about coffee; “It’s a breast that nourishes men deeply – it’s the milk of manhood” then curbing your addiction is truly an act of folly.

Mugshots Espresso Bar
Shop 8, 17-23 Collie Street, Fremanlte
Phone 9336 2233
Open 6am Tues – Sun

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