Bee Man to the rescue

HONEY BEE whisperer Angus Tibbits has dismantled a huge hive hanging off the branch of a jacaranda tree in Applecross.

The good news for residents is the queen and her stingers are on their way to a friend’s property in Dunsborough where they can produce honey and pollinate flowers until the cows come home.

The bad news is some have stayed behind in the letterbox they’d first occupied before setting up camp on the jacaranda a few weeks ago.

Mr Tibbits removed the hive after residents, one of whom was stung while gardening near the letter box, appealed to the Herald for help, (Melville City Herald, April 20, 2013).

The council told the Herald it couldn’t help with the hive’s removal as it wasn’t on council land (it was) and then stuck to its word: When Mr Tibbitt called the council seeking the address of the hive he was told he’d have to lodge a freedom of information application.


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