Freo future ‘bright’

• Vic Miller: Optimistic. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

• Vic Miller: Optimistic. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

NEW eco-art photography gallery owner Vic Miller is optimistic Fremantle has a bright arts future, despite the recent closure of galleries, the loss of FotoFreo and doubts swirling about the future of long-established artists at J-Shed because of council plans for the area.

“I’ve always believed very much Fremantle is the centre of the arts,” the 65-year-old photography veteran told the Herald, just weeks after opening his gallery on Market Street.

“What other galleries are doing and the fact they are closing down could be for a number of reasons.

“I didn’t base my decision on what they are doing.

“You could look at that with everything, and chuck in the towel or believe what I’ve got is good enough and people are going to support it.

“I’m really upset about the demise of FotoFreo, I think it’s tragic.

“But if we all give up and say it’s all too hard, and say it will never happen, then it won’t happen.

“Sadly there are a lot of people around that have been doing mediocre stuff, which I think is not good enough.

“And I think now there is a greater acceptance of photography as an art form. It could be a monumental piece of stupid bloody ego and I might come a cropper, but I don’t care.”

Mr Miller says digital photography and various editing applications have convinced weekend snappers they’re the next Annie Leibovitz.

He’s keen for people who love photography to get along to his landscape exhibition My Backyard, featuring photos he took over five years visiting outback WA.


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