A kiss too far for many

WE receive the Herald weekly and we always enjoy it.
However, we found the picture on the front page this week was not appropriate, even though we have nothing against people who decide to share their life with same-gender partners.
By seeing this picture and especially the size and the location of the picture in the newspaper, we were not impressed.
We used to enjoy the Herald as a family-minded local newspaper, but this week we could not lay it on the kitchen bench to share it with our (young) children.
I would like to emphasise we are open-minded people and have nothing against people who take the decision to live with same-gender partners. The choice of the picture, however, was not appropriate in our opinion.
We appreciate it that we could share our opinion.
Sabine Van Eerdenbrugh
The Ed says: Thanks Sabine, we appreciate the letter. But it’s somewhat ironic it comes the same week as a legion of priests is paraded before the royal commission into child abuse, exposed for using the silence you’re suggesting to manipulate and abuse children. A discussion about gender identity is not a discussion about sex, so why can’t you engage your kids? 

I DID not like the front page photo last week. Congratulations to Notre Dame University for standing by and standing up for what it believes and values. I wish more people would do the same.
Sharon Johnstone

WITH regards to your front page, ‘in your face’ bellicose reporting towards Notre Dame University, well lovelies, here’s an analysis.
Everyone knows I’m a great proponent of “free speech”, a foundational hallmark and essential component of a healthy functionaing democracy. This is not about left-wing Socialist Alliance or Socialist Alternative right to free speech, nor is it about gay rights or marriage equality.
Quality people respect the rights of others to voice their opinions.
The evidence here is a pugnacious attack on the religious mission, vision, and values of a university, by people who are primarily atheists.
Atheism is the cause of most problems in our society, including failed atheist political leadership causing serious issues such as widespread homelessness, a legacy of suicide in Australia, decades’ long destruction of morals and values teaching in the public education system, resulting in a whole range of serious social problems in our nation.
It doesn’t matter whether a person is straight or gay. What matters is do you have a relationship with the God of the Bible, through Jesus Christ. In fact, there are Christians who are also gay, however, they would have respect for a religious (Christian/Catholic) university. The evidence here is no respect for the religious university by the group or your paper, it’s more a reflection on who they are, as atheists, rather than the university.
You’re not going to be judged on whether you sleep with a man or a woman, you’re going to be judged on whether you, as a human being, are doing the work of Christ in this world, or doing the work of Satan. Two teams, that’s it, choose your team, it’s your choice, there are consequences for our choices, our rhetoric and our actions.
I support a national referendum or plebiscite on the issue. It’s up to the people to decide, not the politicians. Regardless, people will always choose their own sexual orientation and preference, regardless of legislation. Public debates regarding all sorts of issues in our society ought to be encouraged to promote free speech, however, there are ways of engaging this and respecting the rights of others.
What did you expect? You’re disrespectfully full on in the face of a Catholic university. We should have public discussions regarding, God and Satan, religion and atheism, religious and atheist discussions that include all sorts of political, educational, legal, medical, moral, and social issues. That would be more exciting than the two men kissing on your front page, that almost caused me to throw up in my cornflakes Saturday morning. Not to mention disrepectful to women.
Teresa van Lieshout
State Director, WestAusParty
Winterfold Rd, Hilton
The Ed says: It’s not atheists who lift their cassocks to rape children while bishops cover up their crimes. It’s not atheists who proclaim “God is good!” before blowing up buses, planes and markets. It’s not atheists who burn women to death for being “witches”. History has had its share of atheists who’ve committed great evil (eg, Stalin) but to claim atheism is “the cause of most problems in our society” is, by any objective measure, balderdash.

WELL, you can take me of your delivery list. I was absolutely sickened by the front page picture this week. You’ve gone too far.
What people do in private is one thing, having two hairy men sucking each other’s lips on the front page is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.
You’ve really done the Herald a disservice and I for one won’t ever contribute again.
What happened to good taste and responsible publishing? In your case it has gone out the window.
Suzanne Hanley
Calpin Cres, Attadale 

Cabbie shows Anzac spirit
IT was Anzac Day morning and the three of were waiting for a bus on Canning Highway, formally dressed with coats, ties and medals.
Now, everyone knows just how scarce buses are in Perth on a public holiday, so it was to our surprise and delight when a taxi driver pulled in off the highway and asked if we wanted a lift into Fremantle.
Well, of course we said yes and, both shocked and grateful, we got into the cab and this champion of men took us into Fremantle at no cost.
He advised that with the bus service the way it is he was afraid we might have missed marching in the parade.
Anyway, we made it in plenty of time thanks to this good samaritan. We believe this gentleman embodied all the good qualities that are on show on Anzac Day and we would like to express our gratitude and wish him the very best.
Steve Grady
Murray Rd, Palmyra

Kudos for Chook
AS a new resident arrival to WA I had cause to pick up a copy of the Melville City Herald.
I was so impressed with the balance of the reporting that I felt compelled to call the staff and congratulate them on a job well done.
There is much in the news at the moment about fiscal black holes. We have black holes because we live in a world of ever-escalating greed and self interest.
We have black holes because powerful media moguls are able to dupe those who might otherwise make informed choices about fairness and sustainability in to supporting the wishes of the rich and powerful. We would do well to support the independence of journalism. It is a rare commodity these days.
Barry Powell
Aurelian Street, Palmyra

Majority rules?
I WAS at the Tuesday evening meeting held by FICRA at Notre Dame University last Tuesday (Herald, April 27, 2013).
There was a good turn out of FICRA people to discuss the historic City of Fremantle and the best way ahead to rejuvenate the ancient buildings, thoroughfares and places of interest.
Sticking point was Fremantle council’s plans for a skateboard park for 21 per cent of the young people on the Esplanade.
Self-opinionated Cr Dave Coggin wants to uproot the Esplanade and put a skateboard park on it so 21 per cent of young people who don’t pay rates can enjoy themselves: What about the other 79 per cent of the population? Ratepayers who don’t want a skateboard park on their sanctuary? What happened to democracy? I thought majority rules.
Wednesday’s council meeting must have been overwhelming, what with 120 youngsters with their mummies and daddies, including 40-odd polite young people in the huge crowd. Were they all from Fremantle? The mayor thinks the skateboard park will bring out the best in the skateboarding fraternity, a keen skateboarder himself?
The mayor also doesn’t believe the skateboard park will be a gathering place for the seedy side of life: That’ll be a first for Fremantle as every other skateboard park in the world has the seedier side of life co-mingling with the polite youngsters of the local areas, just what the tourist will be itching to see.
Why do we have to have another skateboard park? There is a purpose-built skateboard park behind Captain Munchies, opposite the derelict warehouses and backpackers’ hostel.
Kenneth Douglas
Ord St, Fremantle

Get yer skates on
I WOULD just like to say it was a privilege to see a  group of well-behaved, articulate and passionate young people stating their case for the skate plaza. Hopefully the planning process and construction will happen quickly and the skating can begin.
Lisa Clark
Thompson Rd, North Fremantle

Sad Luna
THE saying a picture tells a thousand words is apt—in this case of Luna the vegan cat (Herald, April 27, 2013). Luna’s sad photograph says it all.
I’m sure if cats were suddenly given the power of speech Luna’s first three words would be “I want meat”.
While the vet has said they can’t find anything wrong with the unfortunate cat is there any psychological test for cats that could reassure readers like me the cat is happy and not constantly craving her natural food source?
Why any human would impose an unnatural vegan lifestyle on a well-known carnivorous animal I can’t imagine.
Libby Hocking
Nancy Way, Coogee

I READ in the Herald
The sad news that Dymocks shall close
What we book lovers will do
Heaven knows
For years they have given me good service and greeted me with a smile
They did it willingly and not because they must
Yes, so sad
Another Freo shop bites the dust
Lee Lovmark
South Fremantle 

War not a game
I ENJOYED the Anzac Day march on Thursday, but was bemused by the inclusion of a couple of football teams in the parade.
My recollection of history is fairly sound, but for the life of me I can’t recall any football teams being mentioned in dispatches, receiving unit commendations or sim ilar. Their Bieberesque sweeps condemned them too—no self-respecting slouch hat or beret would grace such haircuts. Perhaps a representative of one of the clubs could enlighten me, taking care to omit any drivel like “invoking the Anzac spirit of mateship” and the like.
To save me the task of writing twice, I had a good chuckle at your front page article (April 27, 2013) with the photo of two blokes pashing. Someone grown-up should tell the Socialist Alliance that they lost and the world has moved on.
R Johnson

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  1. A Kiss is but a Kiss.
    It is quite bemusing to read that some were offended by the photo of a kiss on your cover page, commenting “it’s a family paper” as to say children would be offended by two people kissing??? I think these people need to have a good look at their own insecurities and prejudices and stop putting them onto our children.

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