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TALK about the pot calling the kettle black.
I read in the Herald (“FTI repair blows out”, July 13, 2013) that National Trust CEO Tom Perrigo was critical of Fremantle council for running a cherished heritage building into the ground.
Given that the National Trust has run East Fremantle’s Royal George into the ground under Perrigo’s watch, not to mention numerous other properties throughout the state, he should be the last person to be critical.
Knowing the record of the National Trust I would hate to see what Samson House will look like in 20 years time now that it is under its stewardship.
Cliff Collinson
King St, East Fremantle

Enough already
HEAR hear to councillor Coggin.
Another reasonable position put by an elected representative of the Fremantle council, informing the Herald readership about the skate park—a development that has clear merit and the overwhelming support of the community.
I’m sure Cr Coggin wrote to the Herald secure in the knowledge he would earn himself a serve from the Talking Horse (‘Ed says’), which has become a routine Herald cheap shot on this issue. The disingenuousness of the Talking Horse about ‘just reporting the issues’ on this one is about as convincing as the Murdoch press asserting it gives a balanced view of the science on climate change.
Until this point I have been following the debate with no more than a wry grin as the old guard huff and puff and the young crew skate rings around them (politically speaking).
Although at times I wondered whether the Herald should be declaring a conflict of interest as the reporting of this issue has been so weird. But perhaps it’s just a sign of the times, everything passes and the old guard, including the Herald, have been sipping coffees together for a long time now. It may be more than them old coffees that are turning bitter.
Not that I am questioning anyone’s integrity, and having been a reader of the paper for many years I know well that the cheeky chook is really funny, good humoured and interested in the underdog. So, far be it for me to support anyone who would dare question the big chookster’s importance to Fremantle. But maybe, as some rascals and ragamuffins are saying, there is a hint of bully in the air.
In all of this, what has finally wiped the cheeky grin from my dial was the not so cheeky, but rather, downright nasty little piece published by the big chook (highlighted in a yellow box if you don’t mind) about skaters’ Facebook pages and certain designs on skateboards. What was that about? Is this discussion really about a development proposal? Or is it to make a dangerous revelation to us vulnerable Fremantle souls that young people have different sensibilities and values to we who are not young people. Yellow text box? No way. Put it in red I say.
Please Herald enough already. Give the kids a break.
John Litchfield
Glyde St, East Fremantle
The Ed says: Support? Undoubtedly. Overwhelming? Not so sure about that. 

Doing our bit
IN response to Ben’s letter can I start by making it clear that he is welcome to contact my office and we will provide him with as much as assistance as possible.  I certainly understand that he has been through a serious and difficult experience.
On the broader issue of Australia’s aid program I would simply make the point that it has never been a question of competition between the government’s commitment to addressing disadvantage at home and the literally life-saving assistance we provide to people whose lives are on the brink in countries much less stable than our own.
Indeed this Labor federal government has invested a record $26 billion in housing and homelessness, and we have created and funded Australia’s first comprehensive National Mental Health package, and we have invested in apprenticeship, skills training, and job creation programs.
The number one priority of Australia’s development assistance program is saving lives in fragile countries, especially in our region, where neighbouring countries like Timor-Leste experience the worst child malnutrition in the world, or in the Solomon Islands where we have worked to reduce malaria infection by 75 per cent over the last ten years.
And it’s important to remember that our development assistance is not just about saving lives, it is also in our national interest to build economic capacity and good governance, and to strengthen regional security in our part of the world.
Melissa Parke
Federal member for Fremantle

TODAY was such a delight as I watched my four-year-old grandson become so fully absorbed by The Bugalugs Bum Thief puppet performance—a prize courtesy of the Herald.
I had actually taken my first two grandchildren approximately 15 years ago and similarly had the same wonderment response.
Thankyou for the opportunity to view such a fantastic production!
Rosa Celenza

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