Letters 28.9.13

14. 39LETTERSWe can do anything now
THE success of the Dockers in getting us to our first grand final after many years of struggle has given me hope the other challenges we face can be overcome.
As a Fremantle person through and through, for many years the Dockers not being successful seemed to be as inevitable as the closure of pubs and shops on High Street, as common as statements about Fremantle’s decline and the feeling we are losing some of our unique identity.
It was rare to have Fremantle and success in the same sentence. And the reason I have felt this so strongly is because, unlike many other places, Fremantle to me is not just a place nor a shopping destination or just somewhere to eat out, it is also an idea, a belief.
It may not be exactly the same idea for each of us but that is not really the point, the point is that in Fremantle we have found some of that idea or belief. With our belief and working together, why can’t we tackle the other challenges facing us?
Why can’t we stop our city council being swallowed up? Why can’t we bring more life to the city in a way that benefits the people and maintains what makes us unique? If the Dockers can get to the grand final, then we can do anything, can’t we?
Rob Sheehy
Hebbard St, Samson

New name needed
WHEN the councils join is it not the time also to change their names? Melville or Fremantle councilwill no longer adequately describe either area.
Also, it does not take into consideration traditional owners. I would love to see maybe an Aboriginal name for the new larger council, and the suburb names to be kept as they are.
Mandy Foley
Kitchener Rd, Melville

Esplanade is precious too
IT was curious to see Fremantle-based MP Lynn MacLaren involved in the Roe 8 issue and hoping to lodge an FOI request, seeking any conflict of interest involvement (Herald, September 21, 2013).
Putting major highways through pristine bush land is not a great idea but it left me wondering why, when a similar situation is taking place on our equally rare and precious Fremantle Esplanade, our only green space of reasonable size and classified as a “green lung”, when asked for help earlier this year Ms MacLaren told a colleague “she did not wish to get involved” and did not turn up for a meeting.
The community perception is she didn’t wish to involve herself because of her close association with the three Greens promoters of the youth plaza project, councillors Sullivan, Coggin and Pemberton.
All are members of a Greens sustainability ethos-oriented council who have voted to take one-third of the iconic, historic Esplanade for the plaza project.
Ratepayers and residents don’t have the benefit of a five-year time lag—the bulldozers are coming in November. We are requesting a plebiscite or referendum to be held so we can vote properly on the project, which is in the wrong location. Council amongst a number of other things is using a 2009 public survey as ratepayer approval for a 2013 designed project, which is vastly different in size, scope and cost. The mendacity of this council is breathtaking!’
Chris Grisewood

Tell me why
WHY? is the word I use to the person who graffittied over the great work by art students at Boo skate park this week.
It had been ugly and boring before. Thanks too for the kind words of intimidation that my 8-year-old got to read on Saturday as we arrived with the scooter, less than a week after it was painted, stating “only locals welcome” (whew, we are!) and that “skateboard parks are not for scooter b#@tches”.
Mmm, as a mum on of two who has been bringing her kids here for seven years I really appreciated that. How do you think they form a love of skating? There’s space for all, you fool!
Amanda Hind
Watkins St, White Gum Valley

Hospital pass for Dockers?
AS Fremantle Hospital is on the demolition list due to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, why can’t that whole block become the new Dockers complex and keep the heritage of the club in Fremantle where it belongs and establish strong permanent foundations?
A state-of-the-art emergency clinic can also be established there. This would help bring fans and business to Fremantle. Most importantly, this will give the Dockers their own home ground in their own town. Perhaps the South Fremantle Football Club can move to South Fremantle.
Tracey Donovan
Fremantle Dockers
Foundation member
Knox Cresc, Melville
The Ed says: Freo Hospital is being downgraded but not demolished. And we don’t think the Bulldogs will take kindly to the idea of shifting from their historic home ground.

Paint it purple
CONGRATULATIONS must go to the Freo players, staff, coaches and supporters for the touching farewell given to Jude Bolton on Saturday night. A legend leaves the ground but hopefully some new ones will be made on grand final day when Freo hopefully beat the Hawks. As a Swans supporter I’ll be cheering for Freo as obviously the better team deserves to be there. Good luck and paint the town purple!
Gordon Morrison
Tweed Heads NSW

THE carpark Frank Cherry was in (“Thieves!”, Herald letters, September 21, 2013) is a private carpark operated by Wilson.
In a Fremantle council carpark like Queensgate or Parry Street the first hour is free, then it’s just $2.10 per hour thereafter. There is also free 30-minute parking along High and Adelaide Streets, courtesy of the council. Next time, I hope Frank makes use of one of these options and enjoys his visit to Freo!
Rachel Pemberton
Councillor—City Ward

Developer runs the show
PLANS are proceeding for the concreting of the Esplanade. I am not sure what this will do for our tourists but I am pretty sure the people who come here are not coming for watching youth and being run over by skateboarders on the way to the plaza.
All this has gone ahead with the proposed developer running the show, organising the paltry bit of community consultation and being allowed to make the running and decide on where and whatever. There does seem to have been a clear case of conflict of interest in the whole process.
Unfortunately, in addition $400,000 of money designated for children’s playgrounds is going to be used, allowing these to decline into disrepair.
Is it appropriate this should go ahead in the middle of the local government election?
Marion Blair
South St, Beaconsfield

P&C next?
UM, anyone else feeling a bit bemused that Mathew Hanssen really wanted to represent us in state parliament?
Then instead, was really focussed on getting into federal parliament?
Now instead (again) really wants to get into local government? What’s next, the P&C? Maybe that would be good actually, Mr Hanssen could use his so-far untapped civic spirit to really help the community, not just send our rates sky high by promising free parking for votes.
Lee McIntosh
Stevens St, White Gum Valley
The Ed says: Harsh. People often try their hands at different levels of government. Cr Andrew Sullivan contested the state election for the Greens, Crs Josh Wilson and Dave Hume expressed interest in state preselection for Labor.

Never-ending National
THE Fremantle fool is back in town. soon to play “gone fishing”.
Taking of being gone, I’ve been away playing castles in the UK, part of its never-ending history, whilst away I once again saw that lovely Hollywood film Never Ending Story. Now I return to Fremantle and passed by the National Hotel it seems to me this is the Never Ending Building!
Will it ever be finished, and will all of Fremantle be invited to its grand opening of whatever is shall be?
Fremantle Fool
Antoniost St, Coolbellup

Repeating mistakes
I CAME from Germany because Perth has so much to offer: Beautiful nature, parks, reserves and cultural heritage. I am shell-shocked to read (Herald, September 21, 2013) the EPA gave approval for Roe 8.
Why is it so difficult for politicians to acknowledge that new highways do not reduce traffic, just cause more pollution and destroy precious land forever? Sad, it seems the same irreversible mistakes happen everywhere.
Kristian Walter
Leaside Way, SpearwoodPS: Herald, keep up the good work and please more about Mr Aubrey. What a saga!

Unnecessary expense
NOW WA has lost its AAA rating and the premier and treasurer announced the sale of assets and cost-cutting will be necessary, the first step the state government should take is to abandon the very expensive council amalgamations. The state can’t afford them and neither can the councils, unless the premier want them to go broke as well.
Roel Loopers
Stokes St, White Gum Valley

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