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The old adage “magic happens outside of your comfort zone” applies to the Fremantle dining scene. And if you believe it, and dare to venture off the Cappuccino strip to a quieter part of town – more specifically to 15 Point Street – you are in for a sweet, sweet, taste of magic.

Tucked away in the less explored side of Fremantle, Vivisen Teahouse is a neighbourhood gem, perfect for relaxed or quick lunches with plenty of dim-sum selections and lunch specials to choose from. Vivisen is also ideal for dinner get-togethers or birthday parties in their one and only VIP room. A notch above the rest, Vivisen is unique. Walk into Vivisen and you will be greeted warmly by their friendly staff.  “We focus on original Chinese and Asian ingredients, textures and smells with our own added twist that really shines through everything that we do.” says Bidan, the manager.

A perfect example of this is the crowd favourite Laksa noodle soup that comes in a generous serve and with genuine flavours and the twice cooked pork belly Szechuan style. Their old time favourite seasonal vegetables tossed with goji berries; a well known superfood, also stands out. Although it may not be everyone’s first pick off the menu, the combination of aromatic garlic and sweet goji berries stir-fried with greens works surprisingly well. And for an additional goji-boost, the house blend goji tea is like magic in a pot, and a perfect complement to every meal. Refreshing hot or cold, the berry drink provides considerable health benefits and “longevity through ancient wisdom”. To top this off, Vivisen sources only local and seasonal produce, including free-range chicken and eggs, and opts for organic whenever possible.

Dining at Vivisen is charming, to say the least. Warm tones and natural textures run through the furnishings. The stone table tops and Marri counter contrasts the glossy floor and smart high back chairs. However, the sophisticated setting does not reflect the prices – Vivisen is all about delectable and delicious meals at deliciously affordable prices!

Dare to venture out of your comfort zone and to 15 Point street – you may just be rewarded with a sprinkle of magic.

Vivisen Teahouse
15 Point Street
Phone 9336 6699

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