Clamped, but not silenced

A WOMAN who ran for federal parliament in September has been arrested, handcuffed and had her DNA taken by force after allegedly cutting through a council wheel clamp.

A video of Teresa van Lieshout holding a wheel clamp over her head was later posted on her political party’s website with a long tirade against authorities, who she accused of corruption, oppressing women and murder.

Police last week raided Ms van Lieshout’s home in Hilton and charged her with four counts of destroying property and stealing. They confiscated her laptops and cameras, including a video recorder she’d used to record the raid until its memory card was filled.

The 42-year-old activist, who ran in Fremantle for the right-wing Australian Protectionist Party, says she is not a criminal, yet openly refuses to pay government taxes, fees and fines: “I won’t pay any economic cost to a corrupt government. Go to hell,” she says in a video in which a wheel clamp is removed with an angle grinder.

“Do you actually think clamping my car is going to make me give you money? You must be the biggest morons on earth.”

She warns authorities to leave her alone: “I’m a Christian teacher. You would rather make me homeless or throw me in jail. Stay away from me.”

She was released on bail and due to appear, which she says she won’t, in the Fremantle magistrate’s court December 17.

Blaming the Barnett government for many of the ills of society, she has posted details of the December 27 police visit at


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