11. 2LETTERSRoyal Commission needed
IT is long past time that something was done to correct this matter regarding Jan ter Horst, and to bring wrongdoers to justice, something the normal WA citizen cannot do under our justice system.
Perhaps the Herald could take this case to heart and campaign for a royal commission to resolve this case. I believe an approach to financially viable persons in our local community would solicit enough funds to cover the cost of a commission, leaving the state government without an avenue to back out.
A royal commission is the only way justice can prevail in this case, and hold the wrongdoers to account.
Richard McNaught
Visser St, Coolbellup

I bit a hippy and I liked it
EARLY this morning, when my keepers finally climbed out of bed to take me down to Dog Beach, I was so wound up I bit a hippy.
The bastard had no right to be on our beach and was wearing those billowing pants that only hippies wear and walking along as though he owned the place.
Thankfully, my carers didn’t bring the leash so I was able to race down through the sand dunes at top speed, dash up behind him and make my mark from behind, sinking my teeth into the back of his thigh.
He was so out of it or on something he didn’t seem to feel the impact yet he turned immediately, frightening me somewhat, causing my hair to stand on end.
Running back up to my carers who were still waddling towards the beach, the hippy fellow follows after me and strikes up a conversation with my owners.
“I think your dog needs to be put on a leash.  He just bit me!”
The cheek of it—telling my carers I needed a leash!
“C’mon you druggie, you’re on Dog Beach, anything can happen here.  Just wait till I get amongst the other dogs further down the beach, then you’ll see what life is all about!” my mistress immediately responds in her genuinely caring way,
“Oh!..I’m so sorry!”
I run off down the beach and she chases after me leaving the master and the hippy-freak to face it off like alpha males do, prance about a bit, pushing their chests out!
I have no worries about my master’s hitting power; the hippy-freak will be a push-over for him.  Something makes me stop and look back at the two men.
“Don’t you think your dog should be on a leash?” I hear the hippy asking for it.
Standing on the spot facing each other I notice my master is acting-out dumb most probably wondering how to get out of this one I’ve again landed him in, without being sued. He tries avoiding conversation and extends his dumb act.
Pricking my ears up, I send him mental images: “Don’t ask if the hippy is hurt, just keep gawking into the idiot’s face and he will get the message” and I hear the hippy say, “Come on Sir!  You have a tongue don’t you… or has the devil got it?”
“What do you want me to say?” master responds.
“You could apologise!”
“I’ve already apologised!”
“That was your caring woman. You’re a man aren’t you?”
Quickly turning away from the freak my master strides up the beach to rejoin us and I get a good pat for being assertive.
Bryan Shaw

1984 the movie
DUE to the fact it is now the off-ratings period on TV and the offerings are pretty ordinary, I decided to once more obtain a membership with a video shop to enable me to hire out some DVDs.
Now, I knew I would require some ID, so I confidently stepped up to the counter with my passport and driver’s licence. I was promptly informed this wasn’t enough and that I would have to supply an invoice or bill with my name and address on it.
Now, I am not blaming the staff for this as they are only following instructions from their management, however, it now appears you need more ID to take out a DVD than you do to leave or re-enter the country. This then makes me ask the question, am I living on planet Earth or planet Paranoia?
Steve Grady
Murray Rd, Palmyra

Fan of a fan
INSTALLING ceiling fans to your living area and bedrooms can save electricity and money during hot summer months.
When the temperature starts to rise, turn the ceiling fans onto the lowest speed.
You will be amazed how much the fans will reduce the temperature and how little electricity they use.
If you do have an air conditioner only turn it on if a very hot day is forecast.
The most efficient temperature to set the air conditioner is 19 degrees.
Turn the fans on with the air conditioner: Fans work more efficiently with cross ventilation, with a window partly open on either side of the house.
If the house does not have security screens, place a block in the window track for security.
I installed ceiling fans and found I didn’t have to turn the air-conditioner on as often.
Ceiling fans have a long life, so they will soon pay for themselves.
Before anyone asks, no, I do not sell ceiling fans.
Frank Granger
Melville Bch Rd, Applecross

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