Letters 18.1.14

13. 3LETTERSKeep off the road
LEGISLATION is required to reduce the flow of traffic on the 3.7km stretch from Canning Highway to Leach Highway through Mt Pleasant along Reynolds and Moolyeen Roads.
There are far too many passageways between these two important streets and Reynolds/Moolyeen is much narrower than the single-lane, bus-ridden Carrington which does the same: Just six roundabouts and no bus bays.
I think we need 600 roundabouts, traffic lights and speed humps and that will really stifle any hoonish behaviour in this urban connecting back street.
If we cannot reduce the distance from an average of 600m per roundabout to 6m per roundabout how will anyone get the message that Reynolds/Moolyeen is not to be driven on! Why doesn’t Melville council CEO Shayne Silcox listen?
The ratepayers are only happy when the main street they have purchased a house on is reduced to a crawl through poor road design and infuriating “traffic tamers”.  The only thing that will tame traffic in the CIty of Moneyville is reducing the number of ratepayers. Move them to the soon to be non-existent Cockburn. See how they complain then.
Greg Rogers
Ardross St, Applecross

Tennn-hutt! Check your facts, Jack!
I READ the article (Herald, January 11, 2014) on Fremantle’s role in the Anzac centenary commemorations with great interest and surprise as, if your reporter had checked his facts with the Fremantle council and memorial warden Mark Bonser, he would have found the City of Fremantle has been planning for the centenary for the past two years.
For example as your own reporter Carmelo Amalfi has previously reported, when mayor Brad Pettitt agreed to help fund the placement of 12 bronze plaques on the war memorial, containing the names of 849 local young men who had enlisted in Fremantle, some of whom came from outlying districts such as Cockburn and Spearwood. The plaques were cancelled in 1928 because of the start of the depression. Funding has now been secured and they are back in production.
Research has found almost every street in Fremantle suffered a loss with families losing sons, brothers, fathers and uncles. A lot of research and planning has gone into this important project as part of our city’s contribution to the centenary because it will be of long-lasting value to remind future generations of their sacrifice.
Council’s corporate events department has also compiled a list of other suitable events, not yet advertised, as some are still in discussions for funding from the state government and other sources.
So in conclusion, may I say, Fremantle has long planned to be well represented in the centenary celebrations and those plans are well advanced as we are well aware of our WWI, WWII and Vietnam military heritage and Fremantle’s involvement and importance.
Chris Grisewood
Henry St, Fremantle
The Ed says: This letter has been edited for length and clarity. Last week’s story related specifically to Fremantle being left off the national commemorations events committee’s calendar, and was not about locally planned events for the centenary.

Heartwarmer 1 and . . .
I WOULD like to thank an unknown lady for her kindness, patience and generosity.
Still affected by a stroke I was at the BP petrol station in Parry Avenue struggling to put petrol into my car. The meter was turning so slowly I asked this lady who was going to pay her bill if  she could tell me how much petrol I had. She stayed with me even trying to help me with the pump.
We almost made $10 worth when we called it a day. While I replaced the pump and cap this lady went and paid her bill.
When I went to pay I found my bill had been paid and I was left a message wishing me a happy day. It made my day a four-star day and I hope the actions of this truly lovely lady will tell readers there are some great people in our wonderful world.
Mike Hennessy
Bray Court, Bateman

On the naughty list
ANOTHER Christmas has gone, another year of residents having their Christmas lights ripped out by gutless scum, who seem to have something against Christmas. We would really love to know what their problem is.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Dve, South Lake

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