Hamilton Senior High most likely for the axe

South Freo also a possibility

HAMILTON Senior High School is looking most likely to face the axe under the Barnett government’s school amalgamation drive, with South Fremantle SHS also a chance.

This is the inescapable conclusion to a series of questions asked during the week by Willagee Labor MP Peter Tinley to John Day, who represents education minister Peter Collier in state parliament’s lower house.

When Mr Tinley asked whether “amalgamation, closure or change of purpose” had been considered for Hamilton SHS, Mr Day responded: “Yes, the Department of Education has completed an examination into strategies to enhance secondary schooling in the Fremantle area.”

An identical answer followed Mr Tinley’s question regarding South Fremantle SHS. But when asked about North Lake Senior Campus and Melville SHS, Mr Day replied “no”.

Considering the Herald has discovered South Fremantle is investigating funding options for its maritime trade training centre, and that it has undergone multi-million dollar improvements in recent years, Hamilton is shaping up as the most likely option for closure.

During the week Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk also berated the government for keeping people in the dark about its high school amalgamation agenda. The premier had flagged Fremantle amalgamations six months ago but no details had emerged since.

“Parents and school communities feel confused and uncertain about what’s in store,” she said.


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