Roo just right



Kangaroo meat has never really come into nor gone out of fashion.

Considering its versatility, low fat content and affordable price—around $9 for two fillets—it’s surprising the indigenous and plentiful protein isn’t an Aussie staple. Roo fillet is one of my favourite cuts of red meat although I avoid cooking it myself as it’s a delicate little thing. Because of Skippy’s low fat content fillets must be cooked medium-rare or less to holds the moisture. Cook it any longer and you may as well nail it to the bottom of your Blunnies.

A fine example of kangaroo cooked well can be found at Little Creatures. You’ll find it on the Big Share menu along with chilli beef nachos, prawn skewers, mussels and free-range chicken.

The kangaroo skewers are way over-priced at five for $22 but they’re beautifully seasoned, tender and juicy. If you’ve never eaten roo before Little Creatures’ is a great place to start.

To accompany our starter, Kylie and I agreed on grilled haloumi from the little share menu. Another mouthwatering dish. Salty, brined cheese was made even more delicious with a generous squirt of lemon juice which boosted the flavour of herbs sprinkled on top. The haloumi also had a beautiful, caramelised crunch to it.

It took Kylie and I half a pint of pale ale each to decide on our mains. We wanted to share but couldn’t choose between the steak sarnie with beetroot relish ($22) or the red oak salad ($12).

The healthier sounding option won out. The generous heap was chock full of vibrant red oak, fresh crunchy radish, crispy fried bacon, tasty cheddar, grated egg and drizzled with a caesar-like dressing. Topping it all off were deep-fried croutons that had Kylie and I fork-fighting over the last one. With the bacon, cheese and dressing we’re not sure how much healthier it was than the sarnie, but it tasted fantastic.

You can’t go to Little Creatures without ordering a serving of frites ($9.50). I don’t know why they’re called frites and not chips considering nothing else on the menu is given a French spin but they’re golden, always crunchy, well seasoned and highly addictive slivers of potato.

I’m yet to go to Little Creatures in the late afternoon but could imagine it would be just as packed as it is at lunch time. Tucked in next to a boatlifters and feeling like it’s still part of a working port, it’s a special place in Fremantle that can be enjoyed for so many reasons: a cold pint, a glass of wine, friendly atmosphere and stunning views. If you’re as lucky as we’ve been on previous occasions you might even catch sight of a dolphin or two.

Little Creatures
40 Mews Road, Fremantle
Phone 9430 5555

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