Bugging for a better deal

IT’S currently “horror country” for cyclists, but Fremantle two-wheeled lobbyist Bug (Bicycle Users Group) wants Carrington Street to become a major thoroughfare.

Bug has been mapping a network of bike routes into and through Fremantle and last weekend rode down Carrington, which it wants to be one of three north/south routes.

Convenor Rob Delves says Carrington Street needs a lot of attention to make it safe for cyclists, particularly around the intersection with South Street where narrow lanes and a steep hill make jostling with cars a hazard.

The group will submit plans to Fremantle council for the next update of its bike network, but Mr Delves says it’s prepared to be patient.

Fellow member Paul Loring says one option is to put the street’s powerlines underground, as that would open up enough room to install a bike lane without affecting car lane widths. The group is also discussing the merits of turning the footpath into a dual-use lane.

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Another north/south route explored last weekend was Amherst Street through to Curedale Street.

“We recognise that certain main roads such as Leach Highway and Stock Road are not appropriate for bikes and therefore we are attempting to create a network of parallel routes that provide direct, safe connection between all the main activity centres for bike riders,” Mr Delves says.

The pair praise the council for giving bikes the jump over cars when turning onto Carrington from Lefroy Road. Green tarmac beyond the white “stop” line lets cyclists move to the front of the queue to turn left, right or go straight ahead (previously only an option for pedestrians). They say this style of traffic management is widespread in other cycling-friendly cities and they expect more in Freo in the future.

They’re heading off to explore North Fremantle’s cycle routes on their next ride and are looking for input from as many cyclists as possible. Email robdelves1088@gmail.com.


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