Hoon nabbed

THERE’S been some good news on the policing front in Coolbellup recently, but problems still plague Hilton.

“This confirms my fear of living in Nicholas Crescent,” said a Hilton local after a brawl left three people hospitalised on Wednesday evening—including one with serious head injuries.

Police had only recently been in the street for a major drug bust a few doors down from Wednesday’s incident.

Two women were arrested at the scene and police are searching for a driver they say ran down a man who’d come to the aid of a neighbour involved in the brawl.

ABC News reported a witness saying the car mounted the footpath before ploughing into the victim, who was thrown onto the roof. He fell as the car drove down the road and neighbours gave first aid before an ambulance took him to Royal Perth Hospital.

In Coolbellup, the new neighbourhood police team is celebrating after seizing a hoon’s car and arresting another resident it alleges was selling drugs to children.

Sgt Bruce McDonald says one of his teams had been patrolling the area last week when it spotted the alleged dealer talking to a group of kids. The man’s car was searched and 12 small bags of cannabis, a large amount of cash and a set of scales were seized.

The 24-year-old has been charged with possession with intent to supply and will appear in Fremantle magistrates court on December 9.

Sgt McDonald says his team has received numerous complaints from Coolbellup residents about a hoon driver over the past six months: he appears to have been nabbed in Samson after doing a burnout in front of an off-duty officer.

After doing a cross-check with its database, police reckon he’s the cause of most of the Cooby complaints, and Sgt McDonald reckons the street where he lives has black marks from one end to the other. He says the neighbourhood team model is working well and Coolbellup’s crime stats are looking better. But he also warns that warm weather usually brings out burglars, so residents should make sure they lock up.


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