Just bogey off

A SOUTH FREMANTLE resident has been told to stop bothering WA’s public transport authority about trains it admits are noisy.

PTA track manager Richard Wales wrote to Coral Street resident Jolly Read last week to advise ”further letters on this matter will not be responded to” after the former journalist lodged another complaint about trains awakening her at night.

Since Ms Read publicly aired her concerns in the Herald last month (“Sleepless from rail screeching,” November 22, 2014) we have received numerous calls and letters from other bleary-eyed residents.

“The screeching sound is a problem as well as the vibrations it sends through the house,” Tine Arvid wrote this week.

“I have decided to sleep with earplugs which helps a bit, but I would much rather be able to sleep without them, so I really support the idea of a curfew during night-time.”

The PTA investigated the noise complaints and agreed some trains were screeching, but blamed it on “rogue bogeys” it says aren’t being properly maintained by rail freight company Aurizon.

“…Aurizon are a private company, with whom the PTA has no power nor authority to direct them in any action,” Mr Wales told Ms Read. “May I take this opportunity to reiterate that you should personally write to Aurizon raising your issue with their senior management.”

Hopefully Ms Read will have more luck than the Herald—Aurizon doesn’t take calls from journalists, a recorded message advising questions must be asked via email.

The company’s response to our email was just as impersonal, with no-one prepared to put their name to comments provided by ”Jess” who did not disclose her surname, job title or any other contact details.

“Aurizon undertakes routine maintenance for all rolling stock in compliance with rail safety accreditation,” the statement said. “Aurizon takes an active and responsible approach to environmental management.”

The company notes it isn’t the only one using the tracks.


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