Attempted frangicide

THE folks from DFK Port Accounting tried to do something nice for High Street in the West End, but a delinquent has vandalised their streetside garden by tearing into their grand frangipani.

Housed in the old TAB building next to the Record Finder—and opposite the new Fremantle police station—DFK planted a garden in its courtyard with a huge frangipani as a feature.

On New Year’s Eve (or, technically the very early hours of new year’s day), some hoodlum has pulled off about 10 branches in what must have been a prolonged frenzy rather than a passing fancy, reducing the plant to a stub.

• Jo Gregan and her vandalised frangipani.

• Jo Gregan and her vandalised frangipani.


The torn-off limbs were left behind. Pissed off co-owner Jo Gregan says the garden was installed three or four years ago to liven up the stark streetscape.

“We’re trying to do something good and this has happened three times now,” she sighs. “We get tired of it. Whether it’s a resident of Fremantle or a non-local, we just want people to respect others’ property.”

Ms Gregan intends to re-plant the limbs in hope they’ll take root and grow into new trees.


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