Letters 10.1.15

Those darn cats
LOVELY front page shot of the Pelicans (Herald, December 13, 2014).
Another lovely sight here at Bull Creek a little later: mother duck leading her six tiny ducklings, line astern, out on their big adventure, before returning to their cosy nest.
Sadly, they were never seen again, but on the low-tide water line, plenty of cat paw tracks.
I suppose quite a few happy, dear little pussycats went home for a snooze on the lounge, with a poor little ducky inside
Gee, I hate cats.
Reg Adkins
The Esplanade, Mt Pleasant

A spiral into decline
I HAVE lived in the Fremantle area since childhood and for the past 40 years have spent my married life in East Fremantle.
Sadly, I have watched the City of Fremantle spiral into decline after the euphoria of the America’s Cup. As a resident of the financially sound, vibrant, healthy community of the Town of East Fremantle, I cannot, in any way, see any advantage in East Fremantle ratepayers becoming amalgamated and costumed by Fremantle, which is now well and truly in the doldrums.
Only last month, I counted five shops empty or for lease in the Fremantle High Street Mall.
Please, residents of East Fremantle do not let your vote go to waste on February 7, as each and every personal vote is vitally needed on that day to say no! to the amalgamation with Fremantle. Let us keep our town independent and thriving.
Christine Barlow
Irwin St, East Fremantle

Wicked Wilson
WE are constantly told to be kind to others and now Wilson parking has prevented us being able to hand our unexpired tickets to other patrons in a gesture of goodwill (Herald, December 13, 2014)!
How mean at Christmas, to also take away tickets! What a ghost town Fremantle will definitely become with this mean, calculating parking fee culture. What future have our young got to look forward to? They will have to rely on cunning to outsmart these meanies! I am disgusted!
M Groerienk
Marmion St, East Fremantle 

A waste of borrowed money
WITH state finances facing a massive deficit, investment in a section of the proposed Perth Freight Link along Stock Road and Leach Highway would be a waste of borrowed money as well as destroying many businesses along the route.
Even those who oppose the freeway being built near Bibra agree better rail freight access to the Fremantle container terminal is the way to go.
The construction of a new direct rail freight link from Spearwood to North Fremantle along the original Fremantle bypass route would overcome the increasing problem of freight trains trundling through the historical precinct in Fremantle.
The original freeway concept along the bypass could then be built as planned.
While resumption of the land sold by Labor to protect its safe seat of Fremantle will be expensive, it will be small by comparison with the eventual cost of building a better solution to the temporary fix of a tortuous, fuel-wasting and hilly, polluting route through Willagee and surrounding suburbs.
The minister, planners and advisers need to take a step back and look at what would improve both rail and road freight transport needs in one project.
It will need a statesman amongst our politicians to redress the previous political vandalism and make a call that will have long-term benefits to the entire community rather than capitulating to noisy self-interest groups.
Daryl Binning
Norton Ridge, Winthrop

A wonderful place
I WOULD like to thank all the very caring people who attended an accident on Marmion Street, Fremantle on Boxing Day at approximately 9am.
It was an unfortunate chain of events with a cyclist falling off his bike, a motorist who stopped to help and my daughter who was crossing the road to also give assistance and was knocked over by the reversing car.
Thankfully, my daughter suffered minor injuries and is on the mend. The concerned public and extremely efficient and helpful ambulance people, as well as Fremantle Hospital emergency department, once again shows that not only are we fortunate to have such a fine medical service, but we are indeed in the lucky country where kind-heartedness, care and concern is at the forefront.
We certainly appreciate what a wonderful place we live in and how lucky we are to be part of this great community.  Thank you and God bless you all.
Suzette Felton
Marmion St, Fremantle

Call the cops
THOUGH only a visitor on the day I read the letter from Jacky Jarrett regarding the  problem with skateboarders ‘’Terrace tyros,” Herald letters, December 20, 2014).
I am fully aware the problems with cyclists riding their bikes on the footpath in the busy shopping areas, malls, etc is the responsibility of the police, so I would think the same responsibility  of curbing the dangerous practice of skateboards (and scooters) would also come under their jurisdiction.
Contact the police minister direct regarding this issue with the expectation  she will liaise with the council in arranging for signs to be erected in the busy areas banning cyclists, skateboarders, etc post haste (perhaps even to arranging for a couple of rangers to police this behaviour).
This trend needs to be stopped before someone gets hurt. It is dangerous for all concerned.
Olly Wrensted
Brigalow Cres, Geraldton


Colin’s continental
WITH the Barnett government pushing Roe Highway through wetlands, it proves that Colin Barnett doesn’t give a continental about nature’s wildlife.
He is only interested in putting more and more heavy freight onto the roads.
It is no wonder birds are gathering around shopping centres and back yards, looking for food.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Dve, South Lake

EF council fails its residents
IS East Fremantle council protecting the interests of it’s residents?
Despite a council resolution to “not support amalgamation with Fremantle”, there are only a few councillors in our town endeavouring to look after the interests of their constituents.
This is a sad situation indeed when we elect these people to work for us.
Worse than this, our mayor appears to be supporting amalgamation and using the council newsletter to push his cause.
Let me tell you a few facts which clearly demonstrate that amalgamation with Fremantle is not in the best interests of East Fremantle residents.
The review panel appointed to review the structure of local government with a primary focus on a significant reduction in the number of councils stated:
“The Town’s financial position is considered sustainable” and went on to cite “a strong operating result, low debt and sizeable reserve funds”. It also stated that “size does not appear to be an impediment to strong and consistent performance in East Fremantle”.
In a recent survey of East Fremantle electors, which enjoyed a very high response rate, the greater majority (about 90 per cent) stated they did not want to amalgamate.
We in East Fremantle, apart from being economically viable with excellent services and low rates, have an unequalled community spirit which would be compromised in the event of amalgamation.
Jono Farmer
Sewell St, East Fremantle

Is the system working?
DENISE HEFRON’S letter (Herald, December 20, 2014) referring to the Melville city council, should be heeded by all councils. Is this how the system should work, or what?
We elect councillors to represent us in our electoral wards, to carry out what’s best for us ratepayers. We elect a mayor to chair council meetings and speak on behalf of the city.
The council employs a CEO to manage and administer the business relating to the city. All lands vested in the council, could be said to belong to the ratepayers.
This is very relevant to the issue of the Melville council deciding to relocate the Melville Bowling Club, against the wishes of the majority of members and ratepayers.
Is it doing democracy?
Karl Kelers
Clydesdale St, Alfred Cove

I, like Jacky Jarrett (Herald letters, December 13, 2014) am disturbed by the behaviour of skateboarders.
The pavement used to be for walkers—now I am sometimes suddenly disturbed by a fast skateboarder overtaking me on the “inside lane” and leaving me shaken.
The guys leave no room for pedestrians to decide to move left or right. I constantly stand aside to allow young men to pass me. They rarely say thank you and see it as a sign of approval, not a self-preservation strategy!
What is also disturbing is younger people do not seem to even notice. I am not THAT old but a shopping expedition in Freo can be nerve-racking now.
My kiwi friend tells me when she left NZ several years ago there were laws about skating on pavements and in crowded places. And they were obeyed. Here we seem to be moving towards the old customs in some Asian towns where cars, bikes, scooters, people and cows all use the same space in a free-for-all. For a town that needs customers it is not a good way to go.
Shaken of South Terrace
Name and address supplied

Driving me mad
A WHILE back, a female in a small sedan ran into the rear of our white Land Rover Defender whilst trying to exit a car park at 5pm on a clear day (not facing the setting sun). When I asked her why, she answered: “I didn’t see your car!”
On another day, a male driving a sedan west on our street around 7am ran into the back of a stationary ute with trailer narrowly missing the workman taking equipment from the trailer. When I asked him why, he responded:  “I didn’t see it!” This feeble excuse given by some motorists after they extinguish the life of an unsuspecting cyclist/pedestrian is not on. Look, if you can’t see a cyclist/other road user, you shouldn’t be driving on any road. If you can’t see clearly ahead of you because of the weather or bad road conditions, I learned that you drive accordingly; that probably means having to slow down.
Maybe those who shouldn’t be behind a wheel would be better off taking public transport; at least they’ll have a better chance of seeing the train!
Effie Nicholson

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