Dachshund mauled to death

A DACHSHUND was reportedly mauled to death by a bigger dog at Leighton Beach Monday January 12.

Herald reader Sean reports he saw the shocking incident, with the smaller dog’s head clamped in the jaws of its killer.

“There was a group of people around the dogs, women were crying, one person was whacking the pitbull with a cane,” he reports.

“Eventually, the dachshund was dead and the pitbull only released its grip when another owner got it off.”

Sean says the dachshund’s distraught owner picked up her dead pet’s body and, crying all the way, carried it off the beach.

The owner of the killer dog hadn’t been around for the incident and upon his return following the commotion was reportedly unfussed on being told his dog had killed another. Sean says he simply leashed the dog and walked off.

Sean says he called Freo council’s rangers and was shocked when told only the dead dog’s owner could lodge an official report: they would not act on his eyewitness complaint.

The Herald rang the council and, sure enough, that’s what we were told too before a manager told the staffer not to talk to us and to direct us instead to the council’s glacial-pace media relations office.


5 responses to “Dachshund mauled to death

  1. We frequent leighton dog beach on a regular basis and unfortunately the aggressive and anti social behaviour of Pitt bulls ( and their associated cross breeds) on the beach is becoming far too commonplace. The owners are a reflection of their pets, and vice versa. These dangerous dogs were bred to fight and be violent and should be muzzled AND kept on a leash. The next fatality could be a child!

  2. Fremantle Council you ought to be ashamed of yourself. This dog will attack again and this is a case of bad dog ownership and under the Dog Act, the dog was out of control in a public space for which there is a penalty for. It is your duty to act on this complaint whether or not it has come from an eyewitness or the dead dogs owner.

    Are you hoping that this complaint will go away? Well it isn’t going to because I for one am tired of the out of control dogs and owners that allow them to be, have this much power on Perths beaches.

    You owe it to this poor owner to follow up this complaint, you owe it her little dog and you owe to every other responsible dog owner to act on this.

    That my friend, is why people pay Shire rates.


    • Oh, thank you, Simon! What lovely news to hear…. although I have to say the words of advice the council gave at the end of the above notification would have been very hard for the owner to worry about (in terms of how to go after the dog and its lousy, disinterested owner), given all Ruby’s owner would have been concerned about was her darling dog and that it was helped asap.

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