Groups aim for council

TWO Fremantle residents’ groups say they’ll run council candidates to try and change the direction of the city.

The residents and ratepayers, and inner city residents associations have banded together to try and attract new blood and say one of the aims is to nurture future council candidates.

FRRA chairman Mark Woodcock says while they’re not setting out to bag the council, they don’t feel that it’s genuine in its consultation and too many voices are being ignored.

They’ll run workshops to generate new ideas, as he says they’re suspicious the Freo 2029 vision wasn’t a real reflection of community attitudes.

The Fremantle Society was going to join in, but president Henty Farrar pulled out of the deal this week.

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2 responses to “Groups aim for council

  1. Fuck these groups. These are the visionless baby boomer fuckwits who left Freo in the state of decay it’s in.

  2. Rat sorry Rab spoken like a true current council supporter, your intellectual capacity shows no bounds, current council Leadership has been there for 8+ years and have successfully run Fremantle down into the ground, there are a few baby boomers in current council if u look, good to see community groups stepping up to help our community. You just stick to your self importance and foul language.

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