Ocean pools idea back again

BEACHSIDE swimming pools at Fremantle’s Bathers Beach are in Sam Martin’s sights.

The local building designer has launched a petition seeking support for the idea, which he’s been kicking around for five years.

Now he’s hoping to get local MPs on board to push through state parliament the project he estimates will cost $10 million, including landfill, parking and cafes, at what he believes is an “underutilised” beach. His proposal adds land to the base of South Mole

Pools give families the peace of mind to swim near the beach free from the—admittedly rare—risk of shark attack, as well as rips and jellyfish stings.

Mr Martin believes the project will revitalise the oceanfront, Victoria Quay and the West End.

“This will give a lot of people and visitors a safer place to swim,” he told the Herald. “From a planning perspective, we need something to connect the city to the ocean.”

Mr Martin showed his Fremantle Ocean Pools proposal to the council in 2010 and won its endorsement in 2012, but it’s been gathering dust due to financial constraints.

To see more about the petition visit http://www.sammartin.net.au


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