Domestic violence caught in teens’ net

STUDENTS from South Fremantle senior high school are helping reinvigorate a state-wide campaign tackling domestic violence.

This week a small group helped Media on Mars design a new website for the Youth Say No campaign, replacing a dated site that attracted few hits. The students say working on the campaign has taught them a great deal about the issue, particularly how domestic violence comes in many forms.

MoM presenter Kate Wilkinson says the aim is to create a website that appeals to young people and makes them feel safe: in a tragic nod to the circumstances some young people live in, the site comes with a toggle switch that allows the screen to quickly disappear.

05. 14NEWS

• Students from South Fremantle SHS help shape the state government’s new domestic violence campaign. Photo by Steve Grant

WA child protection department worker Tamara Hird, who’s organising the campaign, acknowledges budget cuts are part of the motivation to shift the campaign’s emphasis online, but says it’s also timely given how kids interact so intuitively with the net.

She hopes to get schools to adopt the campaign within their curriculum, noting WA’s behind Victoria where the campaign is entrenched.


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