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KRZYSZTOF BARNAS is planning to stay awake for almost three days straight while tattooing customers.

Barnas, 29, aims to tattoo one person after another for 70 hours, with just a five-minute breather every hour.

He wants to break the Guinness World Record for the longest tattoo session, currently held by Italian Alessandro Bonacorsi, who stayed up for 50 hours and five minutes in October.

Barnas says a good night’s sleep, coffee and a hearty breakfast before his long shift will keep him going.

“I’m not worried about getting sleepy,” Barnas says.

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• Fremantle tattooist Krzysztof Barnas, 29, will be tattooing people for 70hrs straight for charity and a Guinness World Records title. Photo by Emmie Dowling

“I can physically do this. But I’m concerned people won’t turn up on time for their tattoo because that will mean I lose the record.”

The Polish native tattooed for 20 hours straight when living in Ireland three years ago.

All profits made during the record attempt at Modern Ink Tattoo Studio will go to the charity CanTeen, which supports youths struggling with cancer.

Barnas chose the charity because his father, Richard, died from the disease two years ago.

The clock starts timing the record at 2pm on July 3.

For more information, call Modern Ink on 6363 5506.


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