LETTERS 2.5.15

11. 18LETTERSHave your say
REGARDING the proposed ALDI development on South Street, Hilton (Herald, April 25, 2014), the council website indicates it is taking submissions until May 15, not April 30 as reported. Hiltonites have your say!
Felicity Newman
Tonkin Rd, Hilton

From High to Ho-hum Street
I COULDN’T agree more (“Freo rooned,” by John Rodda, Herald letters, April 25, 2015).
As a kid and then teenager in the ’60s I grew up in East Fremantle and Fremantle was like a magnet in those days. The port was buzzing, Coles cafeteria was the place to eat and the vibe was exciting.
Then later on in the ’70s I was a bar manager down in the West End of High Street and that used to rock on any given night of the week.
All sorts of people gravitated towards this part of Freo: merchant seamen, locals and even a few shady, colourful characters. There was the occasional punch up but every second person didn’t carry a knife or machete and wasn’t high on ice or some other drug—other than alcohol—that promotes aggressive behaviour.
Nowadays, you could fire a cannon down High Street after about 8 o’clock and not hit anyone. As for the cappuccino strip, you couldn’t get much more plastic or mundane than that.
So I agree with your opinion, John, and I’m glad I took the time to read your well-thought out letter.
Steve Grady
Murray Rd, Palmyra

Shelve Hilton
PLEASE let ALDI know it would be very welcome in Bicton instead of Hilton!
We would much rather have ALDI at Melville Plaza than Dan Murphy’s, which is planning to install a massive liquor barn there that residents don’t need or want!
I’d rather have some welcome competition for the two food giants on my doorstep than yet another liquor store (owned by Woolworths) in the area.
Jackie Curtis
Kanimbla St, Bicton

A load of bull
A RECENT article in the Herald informed readers that Fremantle Buffalo Club members are not patronising the club as once they did.
No-one has put their finger on the underlying reason for the fall-off in visitations despite the fact hospitality remains as always splendid to say the least and the “door is ever open” as it were.
The same may be said of the Buffalo Lodge which meets monthly upstairs of the club. The Lodge membership has been decimated by the demise of seven brothers over the past two to three years and now faces extinction unless an influx of new members is achieved. How do we go about encouraging others to join us on an odd Sunday afternoon for two hours or so of conviviality and harmony?
Collins English Dictionary defines communication as the “exchange of information, ideas or feelings.” What better place to be so involved than among brothers willing to listen and converse, enjoying the chance to talk at your level?
This is just one of the advantages of becoming a Buffalo. To join the RAOB and avail yourself of this pleasure will cost nothing but time and the opportunity of adding another string to your bow, which in return is guaranteed to broaden your outlook on life and increase your circle of friends to an unbelievable extent, including many from distant parts of the state and further, as well as on your own doorstep.
Other advantages include the knowledge that being a Buffalo ensures you of assistance if and whenever you find yourself in dire straits. You will also be able to support in some small way, selected charities through participation in regular diverse Lodge activities and will never ever be embarrassed whatever your current status may be. Conversation with one or more who are known to you as being Buffaloes will confirm all this and enlighten you to what it means to “chase the Buffalo”.
Don’t delay—join today!
The Ed says: This should cost you a couple of hundred bucks in advertising Graeme, but what the hell! You heard the man, folks. Don some horns and help keep Freo heritage alive.

Image before service
IT’S all about “image” at the City of Melville, isn’t it?
You can’t lodge an online complaint anymore—the CEO stopped that—you can only give feedback, compliments or make enquiries.
At the end of the year, the CEO can put his hand on his heart and swear he didn’t receive any complaints from ratepayers!
Newspaper ads have been published and addressed letters have been issued to ratepayers of Palmyra and Bicton, endorsed by Mayor Aubrey (at ratepayers’ expense, of course) telling them how glad the CEO and mayor are that the proposed boundary changes didn’t go through—even though the City of Melville, under their leadership, presented its proposal to the Local Government Advisory Board with Palmyra and Bicton deleted—handed over to Freo!
How thrilled the CEO was at the great result of the botched amalgamation result? All that time and money wasted when the legal eagles told him and the state government there was a good chance the whole amalgamation process was flawed and it might not go through. And how is it the CEO didn’t get what he wanted given he was on the panel making the decisions involving Melville council!
Financial sustainability? Oh yeah the City of Melville was voted tops in that field by a government report. And this from a council that invested and subsequently lost $20-odd million (though about half of that has been clawed back via a successful law suit over many years—but how much did it pay in legal fees?).
So the city has these CDO losses, how does it make up the losses? You guessed it; your rates went up! And for this, healthy reserves are built up again and the government report calls the council “financially sustainable”. There should be more councils like it!
And then we have councillors who are not allowed to talk to the media unless it’s complimentary to the city. Any criticism, whether constructive or not, is not allowed. ”Don’t talk to the media —oh unless, you’ve got something nice to say”.
I for one voted for those councillors to speak up for us, not just sit there and worry about what they say in case it damages the council’s image. Ask questions, get answers and then make your impartial decision in public. Isn’t that the democratic way that we voted for—and some fought for?
So why do the CEO and Mayor Aubrey at the City of Melville spend so much time, money and effort propping up the city’s image?
Effie Nicholson
The Ed says: Ms Nicholson is a former Melville city councillor.

JUST so it doesn’t go entirely unremarked, I note that during ANZAC week when the horrors of war are foremost in our minds, the nuclear-powered (and likely, nuclear-armed) USS Carl Vinson is in our harbour.
The Carl Vinson has been in the forefront of all the wars the US has engaged in during the past 30 years, including the “War on Terror”.
The world has changed since it was commissioned in 1983, mostly for the worse and partly because of  the operations of such aircraft carriers as the Carl Vinson.
But a target such as this remains a target, even (especially) when sitting in a heavily populated port such as Fremantle.
Gail Green
Attfield St, Fremantle

By what right?
WHAT gives people the right to enter a 90-year-old lady’s house whilst she is in hospital and steal her property and trash her house?
Do these people believe they have the right to have everything given to them and if they cannot get it to simply take it?
Maybe we should have sharia law in this country. A few public beheadings, hands chopped off, floggings or shootings will put a stop to this.
If you think I am being too harsh come and talk to me after you have been broken into.
C Drummond
Abawdan St, Willagee

Not busking just boring
CALL me old and out of touch with ways of the 21st century busker, but I have just about had my fill of Fremantle’s busking scene.
Everyone is amped up and miked to the enth degree. Last Christmas there was a busker in the Fremantle markets who sang along (and not very well) to downloaded music.
We have that bloke with his trumpet and organ and his bits and pieces. We have a blues player with his recorded backing of drums and rhythm guitar.
ANZAC weekend there were numerous “musicians” plying their trade with their mikes and amps far too loud to the degree of distortion.
Last year I was walking in the Esplanade park when this bloke struck up. He was outside Timezone.
I recall several years ago Crowded House busked in the Hay Street Mall. Acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and snare drum. Brilliant.
How many of Freo’s unplugged buskers have gone on to bigger and better things? John Butler is one.
I recall James Rayne of Australian Crawl saying they often tried out their songs acoustically to merit their worth. There’s the guy who plays outside Culleys and just last week a young lady played beautiful acoustic guitar and sang angelically.
I have happily spent time listening to young violinists and cellists, happy to throw a couple of bucks into the hat.
Interested to know how others feel on the subject.
White Gum Valley

Save our Rotto
IT was great to read Professor David Hawks’ Thinking Allowed article regarding the redevelopment of Rottnest (Herald, April 25, 2015).
He appears to be a lone voice as far as being able to influence the awfulness of the proposed plans. Developers since the days of Alan Bond have always had eyes on the island as a site for an exotic and of course, upmarket, resort, thus denying the average resident of Perth access to a unique holiday experience.
Let us hope sanity prevails. However given the fact local councils, ably assisted by this current state government have seldom met a developer they did not love I won’t hold my breath.
Witness some of the awful architecture on Leighton Beach, the tacky outdoor bar at Salt, all totally uninspiring and no doubt whatever is left of Gledden Arcade and Kings Square when it is eventually finished will be similarly uninspiring.
Leave Rottnest alone, it is unique and the less development there the more unique it will stay. Upgrade accommodation if it is required, but leave the hoi polloi access to something special, we cannot all afford to be A-listers.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Small stores the real super markets
I READ with dismay the planned redevelopment of Hilton is to include ALDI (Herald, April 25, 2015).
Having moved here three years ago from the UK I have experience of the aim of giant supermarkets to dominate.
Here in Australia you still have independent stores offering a great selection of produce and customer service. The cashier speaks to you and packs your shopping.
Trust me, this will all change when the superstores take over: they offer reduced prices but how are they able to do this?
They contract farmers exclusively to grow produce with very strict regulations on size and colour and of course the cut-price they pay them. For instance, if the carrots are not of the correct size or shape they will not accept them but the farmer has to sign an agreement he will not sell them to anyone else, so they are thrown away.
No mention is made of the taste, which is not affected. The result is famers go out of business and the store looks elsewhere to source cheap food and this probably means abroad. Which will increase air miles.
Australian producers will go out of business. Small independent stores will go out of business and community shopping will cease. Sterile superstores will reign. Our choice of food will diminish, it will not be chosen on flavor but on what it looks like and how long it will last on the shelf. In fact, it will not be what the customer wants but what the store wants us to have.
Quite often when a superstore wants to move into the area it offers a backhand to the council by offering to supply something the cash-strapped council is having difficulty providing.
If there is community resistance it may purchase the land and wait maybe years, hoping the community has forgotten the plans. In the meantime the area will die and vandalism may set in. At this point the store steps in and builds and achieves its aim. Remember, superstores are only interested in getting their own way and making a profit for their shareholders.
In the UK things have come full circle and people are realising the mistake of allowing large supermarkets to take over and dictate, and gradually small stores are opening up to offer quality food again in local areas.
Please Australia and Fremantle council, learn by the experience of the UK and don’t allow this to happen.
Liz Howell
Stokes St, White Gum Valley

Lefty wriggles
IN the Herald a few weeks ago, Melissa Parke had an advertisment stating the Abbott government was supplying “super fast fibre broadband” to the affluent whilst the rest get “old copper network”.
Clearly the inference being that Labor voters in her electorate in the Fremantle Cockburn area are being dudded.
In the West Australian newspaper April 1, a piece on the rollout of the NBN in WA quoted NBN Co saying 79,000 homes would be first to get the high-speed system in WA. Further, that low socio-economic areas are favoured over more affluent areas.
In the Fremantle area the chosen suburbs include Hamilton Hill, Hilton, Beaconsfield and North Lake. In regional areas Denmark, Esperance, Northam, Manjimup, Katanning and Hopetoun. Last time I looked none of the local ‘burbs mentioned could by any stretch of the imagination be described as affluent.
Now Melissa, being a lawyer you would think she would know the importance of getting her facts right. Perhaps there’s one set of standards for law courts and another when feeding BS to the voting public!
Now what are the chances of Melissa Parke or her lefty minions fessing up to sloppy or misleading advertising? Not much I fancy. I await the wriggling her spin doctors will concoct to justify their outpouring of inaccurate left wing propaganda.
Tom Barrett
Henderson Rd, Munster

THANKS to the guys who picked up my motorcycle after it was knocked over in Fremantle car park last Friday, and thanks for leaving a note explaining your actions.
Thanks to the gentleman who gave me his details as a witness to the event and thanks to the clown who knocked it over and drove away without leaving any details. Finally, thanks to the government’s privacy laws I cannot readily obtain the car owner’s details even though I’ve been given its number plate. Amazing.
Stephen Zito
Palin St, Palmyra

Just too close
FRAN LOGAN would like to see North Lake Road as an overpass into Gateways Shopping Centre, to encourage shoppers and cinemas to be built (Herald, April 18, 2015).
Main Roads say it will never happen, but the Barnett government is prepared to ensure funds are available for the Roe 8 highway. Part of the problem is the shopping centre was built way too close to the freeway in the first place.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Dve, South Lake

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