Top of the science class

JOHN CURTIN College of the Arts is amongst the first recipients of a new award that aims to stem Australia’s scientific brain drain.

WA governor Kerry Sanderson visited the Fremantle school Wednesday to launch the STEM awards.

The awards aim to recognise school principals and leaders who encourage student participation and excellence in science, technology, engineering and maths. The awards will be given to two secondary and two primary schools or colleges in WA.

09. 18NEWS

• WA governor Kerry Sanderson (centre) with science teachers association president elect Glenda Leslie, maths association president Romolo Cirillo, education department director Lindsay Hale and John Curtin principal Mitch Mackay. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

“This growth is important for economy and innovation, and the development of Australia,” the governor, a former CEO of Fremantle Ports, told the Herald.

“By encouraging these schools to take on a leadership role, I hope to help to make a difference in the areas of maths, engineering, science, and technology.

“John Curtin is an outstanding school, and I’m pleased to have chosen it to launch the STEM awards.”

The awards are expected to roll out within the next year, with nominations assessed by a judging panel. Ms Sanderson will select the winners.

The four winning schools will each receive $1000 for their STEM program, a visit to Scitech for 90 students and an invitation to attend a government house function with the governor.

Over the past 20 years the number of high school students going on to study science-related disciplines has plummeted.

A recent survey revealedjust 47 per cent of year 11 and 12 students thought science relevant to Australia’s future.


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