Bright news for Sunset

LANDS minister Terry Redman has given the thumbs-up for Sunset Events to set up a new tavern and concert venue at Arthur Head.

A lease for the site has already been approved by Fremantle council, but needed to be ticked off by the state government, the official owner of the area. The council controls it under a vesting order.

The Fremantle inner city residents’ association had written to Mr Redman urging him to reject the lease because of concerns about unruly drunks.


It had also claimed public consultation had been manipulated or mismanaged.

But Mr Redman says he has “full confidence” the council can keep Arthur Head family-friendly and trouble-free.

“In this instance, I am satisfied with the restrictions that have been placed on Sunset Venues within the lease conditions, particularly in regards to the limitations in the number of patrons and sale of alcoholic beverages,” the minister wrote to FICRA.

FICRA’s Arthur Head committee chair Dick Baynham warns the restrictions include a clause allowing the council to increase the number of patrons.

“Based on the pattern of events connected with this proposal to date, we predict that this loophole would most likely be brought into play within months of the tavern opening,” Mr Baynham wrote.

He says FICRA won’t give up and will fight Sunset’s liquor licence application.


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