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AN Applecross resident says pedestrians are at risk of falling into heavy traffic because of poorly maintained footpaths and kerbs at the Riseley shopping precinct.

David Fitzgerald has identified at least three spots he says require immediate attention.

“For many months now I have been concerned at the deterioration of … kerbs and footpaths,” he told the Herald.

One of the three spots is at the intersection of Canning Highway and Riseley Street—one of the busiest intersections in the city. He says poor lighting in the popular restaurant precinct makes the damaged kerbing particularly dangerous for pedestrians at night

06. 20NEWS

Melville city council has carried out various repairs, which have since broken. Red warning cones recently disappeared.

An employee at Bridgestone Select says the council has repaired the kerb opposite the shop four or five times in a year but it keeps being driven on because the intersection is narrow. “[The council] haven’t realised the problem yet”, the employee said.

Melville council acting CEO Christine Young says the council is aware of damage and community safety is a priority, but blames motorists for taking corners too quickly.


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