Mews Road smash spree

WINDOWS were smashed and belongings stolen from around 15 cars parked along Mews Road in Fremantle last Sunday.

Just two victims bothered to ring police to report the crimes.

Five staff from nearby brewery Little Creatures were affected.

Waitress Louise Fish says most cars parked along the tourism strip had at least one window smashed but some had several. She was disappointed with the police response.

“We actually saw a police car in the area and told them that all of the cars had been broken into, pointing them in the direction of Mews Road,” she told the Herald.

“They said they’d check it, but drove off across the railway crossing rather than going down that part of Mews Road.

“When I called the station, the police said that they could only do something if the perpetrators were still there.

• One of 15 cars damaged Sunday in Fremantle.

• One of 15 cars damaged Sunday in Fremantle.

“They didn’t even drive down the road to have a look, which was frustrating.”

Upon being told of the complaint about the apparent police disinterest, new Fremantle officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Kellie Taylor says, “that’s disappointing”.

She notes however just two incidents were reported, around 10.30pm. “These incidents are definitely on the increase,” she says. “The onus is on people not to leave valuable stuff in cars. That would solve the problem.”

Snr Sgt Taylor says police can’t solve crimes they’re not told about.

“It only takes a few minutes to report and helps us out a lot.”

Ms Fish says an area offering free vergeside parking along Mews Rd is known by Little Creatures staff as ‘Rape Town’ due to its isolation and poor lighting.

“I get really anxious going down there after dark,” she says.

“I don’t like walking back to my car alone so I usually offer people lifts home so they’ll walk with me to my car.”

Disclaimer: Rosie Henderson is employed by Little Creatures.


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