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MY intense excitement for sushi trains is a curse—I always leave full while my wallet leaves empty.

It’s so easy to spend big by over-indulging on all that inviting sushi, sashimi, tempura and teppanyaki as it moves by without hurry. I could easily attempt to eat every last bit of it.

Locals and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to sushi in the port city but none compare to Pink Rice: if you’re not familiar with it—

1) get out from under that rock

2) it’s right next door to the cinema on Collie Street.

Pink Rice staff are full of personality. They’re quick to say g’day and a joy to watch as they prepare all kinds of dishes at the speed of light right before your eyes.

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It was too difficult to sit there waiting for my Tonkotsu Ramen without snatching something from the train and I’m a sucker for the tuna sashimi. Here it’s four thick slices of perfectly rare tuna with slightly seared edges. The tuna’s full flavour is escalated into a tastebud riot when combined with fresh cucumber slices, crunchy daikon and mouth-watering wasabi mayonnaise which is served as an accompaniment. So good.

Something worth ordering fresh are the octopus meatballs. Straight from the deep-fryer, the three spheres are delicious when dunked into the generous dollop of barbecue sauce and kewpie mayo. The chewiness of the minced octopus might put some people off but that’s the norm for cooking occy. They’re pure deep-fried goodness.

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At first glance I was a little disappointed with the portion size of the Tonkotsu Ramen when it arrived. Thankfully, the broth had a full, robust flavour and the thin slices of pork fillet were tender and juicy. A few more ladles of Ramen stock to stop the noodles from drying out would have completed this otherwise-perfect dish.

If you’re not an absolute guts like me then Pink Rice is perfect for a quick, affordable lunch. But if you do tend to overindulge a little then take some extra cash—all those dishes add up quickly.


Pink Rice
Collie Street, Fremantle

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