‘Blind spot’ killed scooter rider

ROAD design played no part in the death of a 42-year-old Hamilton Hill woman in South Fremantle last month, says Main Roads.

Angela Jayne Meredith died when a cement truck hit her scooter at the corner of Douro and Hampton roads on Saturday, April 18.

The corner is a known hotspot for scooter riders, who hover on the edge of Hampton’s bus lane to avoid traffic, then have to keep their wits about them as the bus lane peters out and the traffic spreads into two lanes. It was here that Ms Meredith rode into the blind spot of the cement truck, says police media’s Susan Usher. “No charges will be laid against the truck driver,” she told the Herald.

After the accident, former South Fremantle precinct convenor Cathy Hall asked Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren to look into the corner.  “This intersection is notoriously risky for vulnerable road users,” Ms Hall said.


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