24 for Nepal

DRESSED in nothing but a camera to cover his baby-maker, photographer Jarrad Seng jumped and ran through Perth’s CBD.

The Hay Street nudie run last weekend—on a crisp morning, mind you—was part of the photographer’s 24-hour challenge to raise $10,000 for Red Cross’ Nepal earthquake appeal.

Starting at lunchtime Friday, Seng made $416 per hour, working around-the-clock on 24 jobs across the city, spending about an hour on each job.

He started with a quick flight to Rottnest Island where he frantically tried, and eventually succeeded, to take a selfie with a quokka. “It’s harder than you think,” says the man who’s toured with UK folk singer Passenger and worked with performer Ed Sheeran.


Seng then took profile shots for Fremantle businesses at about 500 smackers a session, and teamed up with Gage Roads Brewing in O’Connor to offer a special tour of the brewery.

He even posed as a barista in a busy Osborne Park cafe and roastery, and captured dark silhouettes of a pregnant customer and her partner in a park at midnight.

At 7am Saturday Seng worked up the courage to run through one of Perth’s principal streets, wearing nothing but his camera, to publicise Lucky Camera Straps.

“There weren’t many people around at that time in the morning,” he says. “Mostly just tradies and taxi drivers.”

When asked whether he’d scored a wolf-whistle he laughed, “no, but someone with a megaphone did yell something at me from some scaffolding”.

Seng’s passion for raising funds for earthquake-ravaged Nepal was sparked by a trip to the country seven years ago. He says it was there, in a remote village near Pokhara in Nepal’s centre, where he discovered a deep appreciation for the world.


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