Prayers answered

OWN this Coolbellup villa and you can swim in the pool all year without ever cleaning it.

Such is the perk of strata-life.

But this house is completely separate from neighbouring buildings and I had no idea it was part of a strata on first impression.

18. 23HOME2 1

There is a rear courtyard, double lock-up garage and decent front garden peppered with geraniums, succulents and blooms in just about every colour under the sun. Neat and easy to look after.

The three-bedroom house itself is quite large, with a long hallway that opens up to the lounge, kitchen and dining areas.

18. 23HOME2 2

Natural light pours in as I sit on a couch looking out to the courtyard. I imagine children’s toys scattered around, because this place would be perfect for a young family.

The price tag—just shy of half a million smackers—agrees.

18. 23HOME2 3

My tour guide Sue Rayner from Pulse Realty tells me this is a burgeoning suburb, a place people are starting to invest in.

It is not hard to see why.

It is close to Bibra Lake and relatively vast parks, and it would only take about 15-25 minutes to get to the CBD or Fremantle, even less to Coogee Beach.

18. 23HOME2 4

The street, lined with olive trees, is quiet despite being close to North Lake Road.

If I lived here, I would make it my business to annually preserve my own olives.


15A Friar John Way,
From $499,000
Sue Rayner 0416 160 094
Pulse Realty 9310 1600

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