PLANS for a two-storey 24-hour McDonald’s in Applecross (Herald, June 13, 2015) have been unanimously rejected by a development assessments panel.

Three state-appointed experts and a Melville councillor rejected the proposed outlet, dubbed “Maccasaurus” by pitchfork-wielding burghers.

The eatery would have replaced the Maccas’ a few hundred metres down the road, which is sitting on a goldmine of developable land.

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Neighbours’ main beef was that the Golden Arches would introduce 2500 cars to the area close to a nearby school and attract anti-social behaviour from late-night snack runners, plus noise and odour.

Many nearby locals had no idea the place was planned till they read it in the Herald last weekend and tuned into the anti-Maccas Facebook site.

Melville city staffers and local MP Dean Nalder agreed the application should be binned.

Applicant Francisco Jose Sanchez—who owns the outlet down the road too—can appeal to the state administrative tribunal, an unelected body with the power to overturn local decisions.


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