Police raid ‘herb’ shop

POLICE raided Adelaide Street trader Fremantle’s Finest Tuesday morning, seizing items.

The company earned the ire of South Metro Liberal MLC Phil Edman in April. He claimed it was peddling synthetic drugs, although owner Travis McLeod says he only sells “herbal highs”.

Mr McLeod made a splash in the media shortly after Mr Edman’s blast, defending the sale of products such as Juicy Jay’s Herbal Proze-Smoke and Hi-Octane Legal Speed as diverting users from hard-core illegal drugs. He also sells drug-busting urine kits and says he’s doing this to stand up for the human rights of workers. Mr McLeod wouldn’t comment on the raid this week.

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One response to “Police raid ‘herb’ shop

  1. Is there a follow up to this story?how about presenting facts, this article is waist of time, as for the witch hunt against Mr Mcleod, good luck with that.
    Oh is that the same Liberal MLC Phil Edman who was caught drink Driving couple weeks ago?

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