Residents call on mayor to help save their homes

PALMYRA residents are calling on Melville mayor Russell Aubrey to help them fight to keep their homes, which face demolition because of the Perth Freight Link.

But the mayor’s motion at this month’s council meeting provides them cold comfort.

Mr Aubrey has been a vocal supporter of the Barnett government’s road freight plans, particularly its long-frustrated desire to extend Roe Highway through the Beeliar wetlands.

The Roe extension is part of the wider Perth Freight Link strategy, which includes the widening of Leach Highway and High Street through Palmyra and Fremantle, requiring the demolition of scores of homes and businesses.

‘Prepare a report’

In his motion, Mr Aubrey asks CEO Shayne Silcox to “prepare a report…which identifies the city’s preferred alignment of the proposed Perth Freight Link”.

His motion also “expresses the city’s desire for the construction to proceed at the earliest possible occasion”, reiterates his support for Roe 8 and notes the plan could involve a tunnel that saves homes.

Palmyra locals say the motion is ambiguous and they’re still not sure if Mr Aubrey is going to help them try to keep their homes.

Resident Grainne O’Donovan was at the meeting and described the attitude of the mayor and councillors as “do nothing while seeming to do something”.

Tania Smirke asked the mayor to stand next to her for a photo but no luck. She’s just about resigned to losing her Moody Glen home, describing the tunnel idea as a forlorn hope.

“We’ve been here 18 years,” she told the Herald. “We don’t want to buy somewhere else, we’re happy where we are.”

Fremantle, East Fremantle, Cockburn councils and now possibly Cottesloe are strongly opposing the massive roads project.


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  1. I feel Mr Aubrey needed to speak to his constituents and hear what they had to say and how they felt before he made such a stand. I thought Mayor’s supported the people in their electorate?

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