Union is a dirty word

FREMANTLE council has completely buried its failure to complete a key objective of its economic development strategy.

In a review of the strategy, presented to the council’s strategic and general committee this week, the collapse of the much-hyped Fremantle Union doesn’t even rate a mention. The Fremantle Union was to have played an overarching role in guiding and promoting public and private development in Fremantle, with a particular emphasis on Kings Square and the development of Victoria Quay.

It was to have included the heads of the state’s planning commission and transport department, and have been chaired by the former head of the East Perth Redevelopment Authority. But the Barnett government gave it the cold shoulder and the bureaucrats simply didn’t turn up.

Meanwhile, promises to review Fremantle’s ever-present parking woes, tackle street beggars, and provide space for creative entrepreneurs are on the council’s to-do list for the next five years.

The revised strategy will need council endorsement next week before going out for consultation.

It includes $15,000 to be spent on “promotional material” urging residents to donate to charities instead of giving cash to beggars.

The report states “professional begging” is on the rise, “whereby those who are not in need are also begging”.

The council will also spend $15,000 on a “centre of excellence” for social enterprises and creatives.

A city-wide car park audit follows long-standing complaints that parking is “costly and does not offer long enough time limits”. The council is looking to partner with business to build car parks and will look at developing a parking strategy.

Also mentioned were an ocean pool feasibility study, plans to boost the local economy through night life, and upgrades to Queen and Adelaide streets.



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