Senior Pet Month at Hilton Vet



Expert care and great savings for your older four-legged friends.

Did you know that dogs and cats become seniors at seven years of age?

From here onwards they need extra special attention. In fact, pets need health check-ups more often than we humans do, because they age seven times faster than us!  The team at Hilton Vet Hospital recommends that you take your older pet for a health check-up at the vet at least every 6 months. That would compare to a senior person going to the doctor only every three years. This July is Senior Pet Month at Hilton Vet Hospital, with lots of special offers and savings available.

“Our aim is to detect those old age problems at an early stage before it becomes a big health risk and threat to our pets’ lives. With our brand new state-of-the-art laboratory, we can do your pet’s blood test while you wait and have the results within minutes,” explains owner and head vet Dr Heinrich Van Niekerk.

Hilton Vet Hospital can provide the most up to date treatment for any of these old age health problems:

Joints: Signs of arthritis. Is your pet slow to get up? Limping or slowing down?
Kidneys: Is your pet drinking and urinating more than usual?
Heart: Any sign of coughing and getting tired quicker?
Hormones: Sudden weight loss or weight gain? Coat changes?
Teeth: Can you smell a bad breath or spot tartar on the teeth?
Any abnormal growths visible?
Diabetes: High blood sugar.

The first 40 people that book for senior month will get a FREE Royal Canin blanket and $15 off the purchase of Royal Canin food on the day!

Some of the other great offers include:
FREE blood glucose test for all senior pets
10%  discount on all blood tests for senior pets 10%  discount on a prepaid full course of 4 arthritis injections
10%  discount on consultation fees
10% discount on lump removals
FREE goodie bag while stock last

The hospital is open from Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday 8am – 2pm.

9331 8375
294 South St, Hilton

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