Snow worries, mate

• Photo by Marta Pascual Juanola

• Photo by Marta Pascual Juanola

SALES have picked up for the second week of Fremantle’s Winter Garden festival.

Sunnier weather has melted the ice but also brought out the customers. Local traders, who last week were nervous after a slow start, say it’s been successful enough to bring them back next year.

Sharon Menzis from San Churro Chocolatiers says “Freo has been brilliant” and, despite the initial risk due to the expensive set up, it’s paid off. Jus Burgers boss Justin Bell says he’s sold out several times this week.

Most traders say they’ll be looking to tweak next year’s set-up, and still grumble Perth’s rival rink may have nicked potential skaters.

The good weather even attracted the Fremantle Dockers Thursday but, concerned about delicate ankles, minders banned them from the ice and they had to stick to the yurt swapping stories with kids.


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