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HAVING recently arrived in Australia from Spain it is exciting to get the chance to see a typical Australian weatherboard cottage, so different from the tall buildings and concrete flats that typify our suburbs back home.

A white timber fence welcomes me to its front garden. Wrapped around a veranda it can only be described as lovely and inviting.

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The house has been recently renovated and yet holds what I imagine to be the real Australian essence in the white walls, jarrah timber floors and outdoor alfresco dinning area. It is open and spacious, nothing like crowded Barcelona. It has its own garden and a peaceful and quiet surrounding that almost seems surreal to someone who has just arrived from a busy and noisy European city.

It isn’t hard to picture myself on a cold, rainy day sitting on a rustic brown leather couch in any of the two high ceilinged living areas reading one of the many thrilling books from the timber bookshelves accompanied by a glass of red wine. The sumptuous ligneous fireplace sends out a warming blaze.

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On sunny days, though, it is a must to chill on the outside veranda, enjoying the garden view or sitting under the shade of one of the old gum trees—so different from the short, dark local pines back home. On a spring weekend I can imagine friends gathering for a BBQ in the alfresco area, with some cricket games included and a cold and refreshing LLB.

However, my favorite space is the retro kitchen, a thoroughly modern space with old-fashioned charm. Despite having only a small window, the room is filled with clear light flowing from the adjacent open plan living and dining rooms. The white timber cupboards and the double-doored integrated fridge allow plenty of storage for any cooking lover who would undoubtedly enjoy preparing a family feast on the antique-look stove. Maybe even a paella!

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The cottage has three double bedrooms distributed along the hallway, one accessed through the kitchen which inevitably reminds me of my grandparents’ cosy old home back in my homeland, where to “make a river” in the morning you must squeeze past everyone (including cats) sitting around the breakfast table.

It is also equipped with two bathrooms—the main with underfloor heating—and a double garage located on the back yard. This is definitely a home for anyone with a taste for classical Australian charm with all the modern fittings and features.


29 Petra St, Palmyra
from $1.2 mill
Linda Digby | 0402 122 267
Dethridge Groves | 9336 1166

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