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SOME of WA’s best musicians are joining forces to present their favourite albums at Fremantle’s Newport Record Club.

These aren’t tribute or cover bands, but musos getting together for one night only to perform note- and pitch-perfect renditions of their favourite bands/albums.

“Paying homage to the artists that inspired them and the albums that never left their turntable,” Steve Parkin says.

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, performed by Fleetwood Rack was a night to remember, as was INXS’ The Swing by Oats Supply.

And Jeff Buckley’s Grace really went off, says Parkin who, along with Malcolm Clark, organises and presents the shows.

“We had well over 400 people come to that one.”

But there’s plenty of music coming up: on August 27 the 12-piece The Single Ladies perform the Best of Beyonce, sandwiched between stuff from The Cult and AC/DC.

“We thought it was great fun to put them between all those heavy metal bands,” Parkin smiles.

Band names are made up for the show and are “usually something to do with the songs,” Parkin says.

Murphy’s Lore will perform The Beatles’ Let it Be on August 6.

But not all bands have a name: The Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dreams (August 13) brings together a no-name collection comprised of Stu Macleod from Eskimo Joe, Chris Daymond (Jebediah), Andy Lawson (Avenues), Paul Micheli (Evergone) and Russell Loasby (Autums Isles).

Queen’s A Night at the Opera is a mix of Steve Hensby (Tracksuit), Elysia Murphy (Special Brew), Brendan Tompsett and Nick Dudman.

The Thursday night shows buck the myth that pubs need to stay open till midnight, Parkin says.

“We start at 8.30 and if you have kiddies you can be tucked up in bed by 11.”

And there’s the chance to win your own vinyl, with a mini-Rockwiz quiz.

Tickets are a mere $15. Check out Newport Hotel Record Club on line for the full program.


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