Fittock challenged

FREMANTLE mayor Brad Pettitt’s Greens faction will seek to strengthen its dominance by unseating north ward’s Robert Fittock in October’s council elections.

Carer and student Roslyn Drayton, an active member of the Greens, has put her hand up to contest the ward and says she’ll be closely aligned with Dr Pettitt and councillor Rachel Pemberton.

She’s keen to create a “greener Fremantle” but says the decision to run was entirely hers; she hadn’t met Dr Pettitt before launching her campaign, which she did via crowdsourcing site GoFundMe.

Ms Drayton says she’ll seek to focus on making it easier for pedestrians to cross Stirling Highway, saying the current situation deters people from making their way across to the North Freo town centre.

She also wants to help traders by diverting traffic from the old traffic bridge straight onto Stirling Highway, saying gridlock in the town centre is stifling business.

The passionate astrologer wants improved cycling facilities, increased safety and the heritage-listed grandstand at Gil Fraser Oval restored.

“The guys from the footy club got a response to repair the grandstand, but it was only $150,000 on offer. They’re happy that there’s been an offer, but it is probably not enough,” she says.

She’s vehemently opposed to the Perth Freight Link, saying it will have a devastating effect on the North Fremantle community.

No word from Cr Fittock on his intentions.


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