Freight link feud

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A YOUNG man in a white ute has been removing and vandalising Perth Freight Link protest signs.

A Moody Glen resident spotted the man taking protest signs from properties along the Palmyra stretch of the link Tuesday evening while hanging out her washing.

He was putting the signs in his ute before she confronted him and set her dog on him. Beating a hasty retreat, the thief’s erratic driving caused the signs to fall from the back of his ute.

The commotion caught the attention of neighbour Tania Smirke, who discovered her “Save our Castle” sign had been taken.

Ms Smirke collected the signs and placed them atop her wall—only to catch the 20-ish gent trying it on again at 9.30pm.

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“I heard my neighbour’s dog barking again,” she told the Herald. “I went to my son’s window to look at Leach Highway and there was the white ute again, stealing the last five signs.”

She says the ute had hazard lights on top and a yellow stripe down its side.

“Our lives are being affected by it. We might lose a house we have invested millions in renewing,” she said.

“My little kids ask me ‘where are we gonna sleep mummy?’, they are having night terrors since this week’s theft. I will do what it takes to protect my kids.

“The signs are coming back and I will throw dog poop at him if he comes back to take them.”

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Moody Glen neighbours aren’t the only ones whose signs have been damaged or stolen.

Willagee resident Ellen McCarthy woke up to find a big black cross sprayed across her Rethink the Link sign.

“We aren’t the only ones. Bibra Lake’s signs have been sprayed black, East Fremantle’s have been removed,” Ms McCarthy told the Herald.

“It is clear that this is some sort of organised mission.”


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