Letters 8.8.15


Bulldust tech
ALL this bulldust of phone calls from cars, trucks, tractors, etc. With the fast-growing technology as it is today why can’t they invent a device to cut out all calls from a motor vehicle once you turn the key? All reception cut.
Eddy Garbin
Marshall Way, Samson

Not Bloody Nice!
ALTHOUGH a little late, you may help some readers regarding the problems of allowing NBN and Western Power (via Melville council) install their equipment on private property.
Make sure they do not damage the reticulation, the front garden and the solar inverter. They just do not pay. My experience has been the above have been damaged, and Telstra, which also caused me problems, just completely ignore you.
D McSweeney
Glencoe Rd, Ardross

We’re lucky
CONGRATULATIONS to the Herald for printing “The spirit of Yagan” (Thinking Allowed, August 1, 2015) by Chris Egan, an observant and elegant white Australian. I hope his analysis inspires the rest of white Western Australians to embrace and respect the traditional Noongar people—how lucky we are to share their land and culture.
Jo Darrel
Lefroy Rd, South Fremantle

I CAN only presume the economic driver for the state to build the Perth Freight Link that Mark Woodcock refers to (Herald Thinking Allowed, July 25, 2015), is the federal infrastructure agenda and the federal funding now available to finance its construction or at least in part to do so.
Does this really justify and necessitate the building of an expensive freeway which divides communities and destroys the sacred Beeliar wetlands and other bushland reserves?
To dismiss these reserves as worthless because they were originally set aside as road reserve shows a lack of understanding and is essentially flawed as an argument. They are valuable now as a wild corridor because they were preserved decades ago for road reserve and not used for development.
The value of these places both to the community and wildlife is increased, not lessened, as there is very little remnant bushland of quality left in such close proximity to the urban environment.
I also did not advocate the building of the outer harbour at Kwinana as the only viable alternative, nor imply that it is without environmental problems. However to promote the PFL as necessary when the Fremantle port will in the near future reach capacity seems ludicrous.
Also, to state that tunnelling through White Gum Valley and Beaconsfield cannot be compared to the Northbridge tunnel but can be compared to the Alps seems nonsensical. The Alps are not a limestone ridge. The water table is also very high in the Fremantle area. There are many heritage homes in White Gum Valley and Beaconsfield as there are in Northbridge. I believe that to continue to consider alternatives that rely on trucks to carry the majority of freight is to fail to address the issue and is no longer appropriate within the critical global environmental situation we are now facing.
Alison Bolas
Hamilton hill

Tighten your belt, Melville
WHEN rates are going up and we are all told to tighten our belts, I say a big no to spending $38 million on facilities at Melville council.
What you have is ample, so please tighten your belt also. Return the $10,000 you spent of ratepayers’ money to hire a private investigator to investigate three councillors who we, the Melville community, know as hardworking and honest.
With not spending $38 million and returning our $10,000 you may not need to put the rates up.
Denise Hefron
Denny Way, Alfred Cove

Poor Ted
PLEASE, let’s leave Sir Edward Heath alone. Surely these people have other more important things to do in their lives.
Keith S Bales
Fantail Dve, Bibra Lake
The Ed says: Absolutely not. The allegations must be tested and, if proved, Heath’s reputation deserves to be shredded and his honours withdrawn. Death should be no escape for abusers of children.

Thanks 7 north
I WOULD like to express my thanks to Fremantle Hospital and their staff for all the special care they gave my husband while he was there for a hip replacement. I cannot thank them enough. The meals were nice and also very hot and the nurses were so pleasant. We would both go back any time.
Also, the after-care you receive when you leave the hospital is excellent. The nurses even come to the house on a Sunday to change the dressing, etc. I would hate to see this service close down. Special thanks to all staff on 7 north.
M Strather
Sunflower Rd, Success

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