Debut show at 72

24. 33ARTS 1

SHE only wants to be known as Kavita, a Fremantle local who has been painting since she was a slip of a girl.

Now 72, Kavita is staging her first exhibition.

“When you are interested in so many things life is just beginning, especially when you retire,” she says.

Over the decades Kavita has painted plenty of canvases but,  after selling them to friends, never had enough at any one time for an exhibition.

“My painting teacher told me years ago if you want an exhibition you need 15 paintings,” she says.

Ways of Seeing is an eclectic range of 20 works including stunning Kimberley and Bluff Knoll landscapes, along with portraits, including a couple of nudes and views of Rome from a recent trip.

It’s on at Freight Gallery, 21 Beach Street, Fremantle until August 30.


24. David Giles 10x7 24. Fremantle Christian College 40x7 24. Little People Place 10x3

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