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“YOU are what you eat” has never been more on the money, with science finding a direct link between diet and a variety of illnesses, including headache, anxiety and depression.

“People have been saying anxiety and depression are in the head—what if it’s actually in the gut?” Dr Sally Price asks.

Microbial balance effects mental clarity, or can cause “brain fog”, where people feel they can’t think straight, but the right diet can help energy and sharpen thinking, the South Fremantle local says.

According to Psychology Today’s Emily Deans the gut and brain communicate via the nervous system, hormones and immune system, with gut flora (microbiome) assisting production of the precursors to produce neurotransmitters, assisting production for messaging.

• Dr Sally Price — fibre-up for good health!

• Dr Sally Price — fibre-up for good health!

“We are finding out more and more about gut microbiomes and how they affect us,” Dr Price says.

Eastern states research into microbiome has been going on for some years, “which is helping us see what is going on in the gut to apply it to clinical scenarios,” Dr Price says.

“When we are stressed and eating badly we get out of balance and that has a knock-on effect.

“Eating more vegetables assists longevity and makes us feel good from a mental health perspective.

“Bone broth [like good old chicken soup] also supports balanced microbiome,” she adds.

Dr Price warns against fruit juices on offer in eateries, which rely on sugar-loaded fruit and syrup additives.

“We need cellulose for housing microbes…we have reduced the variety of them in our food and this needs improving…which is why we need a range of different greens.”

The current generation of blenders offer the best way to get the full benefit, Dr Price says.

“When we blend we get fibre and nutrients in an easily usable form.”

Trained in London, Dr Price started her “interactive” medicine studying Ayurvedic health care in 1999, beginning a long-term study into natural approaches to health, including studying hair tissue mineral analysis with Dr Igor Tabrizian.

You can hear Dr Price, and Healthy Vitality (on Wray Avenue), colleague nurse practitioner Jille Burns as part of Moore and Moore’s Vital Table Talks on Tuesday (September 8), where gut and brain is on the menu, accompanied by chicken on pumpkin, or the vegan option potato and braised celery.




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